Thursday, 31 January 2013

SOMMER Pipe, and the letter from Portugal.

RecentlyI think I would like to start a pipe tobacco.
College days, I have been tryed to buy a BBB pipe and tools.
Making a carbon conical chamber to solve the cube sugar in brandy,
I've tried are taught from friend.  But, I did not make carbon.
I stopped nicotine juice and brandy will be unpleasant.

However, not only aromatic pipe tobacco,
Enjoy and feel at the same time structure pipe itself has handicraft form.

There are many kinds of pipeI have enjoyed looking into it.
I felt it in the mail from Portugal....

From Portugal, I received an letter about this blog.
He has written music and car hobby is the same as me,

and he is enjoying cigars and pipe collection.

In the first email, he introduced me to a great book to me.
"Bath Robes and Bachelors" by Arthur Gray Is a famous book of British.
(authors speak on wine, fine dinner, a pipe, a razor, slippers, dinner jacket, etc.)

Received this time letterhe wrote as follows to attach the photos.
"I would like to share with you a gift from the man who restore my pipes.

The man that restore my pipes is a dear and old friend (he is now eighty years old) 
who also carves his own pipes." 
This dog pipe holderHearty gift from his old friend...

Great pipe holder.  In additionthis pipe is amazing !
This is a rare pipe "SOMMER" pipe shop in Paris.
At first, 
I did not know the meaning of the Sommer written in his letter.
Looking around the site overseas, it was found.
The pipe collector is old Sommer is a coveted item.
And, This pipe has a gold band and it was one of the highest grades !

His 5-year-old son says. "Dad, Look at the dog, it's so cute !"
And he had written at the end this letter,
"It reminds me your dog, Pepe​​....."

I was able to have as a very wonderful friend of Portugal.
When I was youngI lived in a fishing village in Portugal that was a dream.
In the end, I ended up with a dream come true that it does not,
But now, His letter let me fly to Portugal in my mind. .

Monday, 28 January 2013

Laguiole knife. I pray with Pepe to cross was hit with tack to the hilt

BEES bolts of bee that is used to mark the old British cars.
I think it is like having a relationship with the village of Laguiole France.
Blacksmith from the village is famous for its knives Laguiole bee mark
I think like a successful company was established across the UK ...
Iron products bee markI would like that to imagine.

A few centuries ago, it was a poor village, Laguiole is just chasing cattle and sheep.
Young people became heavy lifting water to sell to earn money to go to Paris.
Father to son worried about life in the city is often dangerous to leave Paris,
I said that to have a knife that was built in the village say protect yourself.
Story to cry, but it is said to have been originated in the Laguiole knife.
Currently, the contractors who are eating and drinking in Paris from the village of Laguiole,
Most likely a descendant of the family at the end of a successful effort.

A common feature of Laguiole knives,
Is that it has a decoration of "Bee" in the spring.
When the Emperor Napoleon visited this village,
The villagers were presented the knife proud to welcome.
Much pleased Napoleon, he was attached to the cloak
Villagers bestowed the "Royal Bee" of the symbol.
Since then, the bee has become a symbol of the Laguiole.

In addition, the pattern that has been carved into the back 
of the handle Laguiole crest blacksmith.
It is a sign that you know how that made blacksmith.

Decorative inlay that attaches to the center of the handle,
And has been called "shepherd's cross" and "crucifix of three priests."
Once upon a timein the evening, the shepherd of Laguiole to work in the fields,
They were stand on the ground and prayed this knife.

I have was purchased in France attracted to stories like this.
The knife carved into the face of pure silver dog Fontenill-Pattaud Gill.
Bee has a sculpture on the back of this knife.
Face like a Saint Bernard dog would rescue dog in the Alps.
Irish Setter is not there, but unfortunately,
Every eveningthe cross that struck tack to the handleI pray with Pepe.

Knife & fork set of French restaurant known name,
And Garcons is a favorite sommelier knife.
Bees are marked to show the Laguiole is made ​​to them.

Because I can not make elaborate dishes,
Knife & fork set not only cheap to my lodge.
But, using a cigar cutter bee Laguiole be marked.

40 years agoI bought this cigar cutter Davidoff shop in Hong Kong.
The clerk explained that this form is to have an image of a woman's legs.
And this cigar cutter of Forge de Laguiole has a great sharpness still. 
This is the smoke pattern modeling of white ivory and black buffalo horns,
Prohibited items exported wildlife protection law.
Currently, we can not get it.

And differences from that detailed in the link above. I recommend you read.
Because of the Laguiole knife has become world famous products,
Claiming and also in the town of Laguiole Thiers 160 km away
Make the same kind of knifehas evolved into original strife.
SCIP's sommelier knife marked with the name of the famous sommelier in Japan
The high popularity of Chateau Laguiole,
But, knowing the originalthat evaluation you may change.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

The original "BEES" bolts which are very rare indeed

Photo of the bolt has been sent from Mr. Sakuma of Grand Auto.
He wrote that "it is good looking",
It is the timing chain cover bolt of my XK120.

What is good lookingbut I do not know,
"So BEES, What engraving of Mark Bee"
His voice can be heard from the Skype phone.

He is an artist with a delicate sensibility, not a car mechanic.
In the factory, such as high ceilings and spacious studio of sculptor,
He polished off the deep end this small old bolts.

I have searched the UK site to know the bolt of BEES.
And I was very satisfied.
In the article of the XK140 Restoration
"Very rare original 
BEES bolts is used"
I did find a place to say.

"The vast majority of the bolts we are removing are
the original "BEES" bolts which are very rare indeed."

XK120 was mounting the carburetor H8 of 2 inches.
I was asked to polish the intake manifold,
It is also unbalance must polish C-type cam cover.
Because I was in the SU-H8 the carburetor,
I'm wondering whether the screen will change to racing.
Wheel cylinder has been overhauled

Brake shoe was re-covering.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Long time ago cigar was wrapped in women's thighs.

Long time ago cigar was wrapped in women's thighs.
It's reasonable because its ideal elasticity to wrapped a cigar,
I've heard that.
I knew when I saw this poster, and I think that was the fact the story.
What a romantic and sexy poster !
 I would also feel very sadness.

The photo's in the motif of Perdomo posterthe history of the cigars,
Fascinated the men of the world tell the atmosphere of their cigars.

Howevercigars age was thus wrapped,
Powers had been dominated by the colonial hegemony.
Society was a feudal society with a large gap between the rich and the poor.
Poor women had harsh forced labor.

And. the 21st centuryit is still going on today.
World, have not changed even now full of absurd.
Civilization has brought affluence to the world.
In developed countries, as it is in the cultural life has become,
Gap layer of ordinary people and 99% of the 1% wealthy are more spread.
Poverty in developing countriesstill ongoing not change anything.
Terrorism is unforgivablewhyterrorism tragic would happen,
I can not help but think of the background.

Perdomo cigars has defected from the Cuban Revolution
Perdomo family company home was raise up in Nicaragua
Tabacarera Perdomo (link) it is.
Full-bodied cigars is top quality mannish image.
Come and I'd like to taste once.

Is there a way to delicious, cheap cigars?

Old days, a cigar jar with a lid with a cork made ​​of pottery
I remember that was brought back, taking care not to break to buy in the UK.
Although I think somewhere in the home of Tokyo,
In this mountain hut is using a sealed jar and pickled pickles substitute.
During the day, is for a cheap cigar that I smoke about four.

Though this countryit was being sold in a supermarket
And jars of "Sifacile" made ​​in France Luminarc,
Glass jars of "Fido" made ​​in Italy Bormioli Rocco.
I am able to check the status of the wrapper to put a hygrometer,
I like the form and mechanical fittings.

I will use for storing and aging wine cellar of 19 ℃ / 70% humidity,
For everydayI have put in a hot cabinet is set to 20 degrees this jar.
After all, this area will be below freezing morning cold indoors.
Large wooden humidor maintain the optimum temperature is not useless.
So, I used for drying in high humidity during the rainy season.

From experiencein order to change to a more delicious smoke cheap cigars,
Put into a glass jar of taste humidity over a week is best.
Moreover, the jar is better to divide each brand is good.
It is because they interact towards each cigar is bad.
That said, even a cigar wrapped in leaves that have fallen to around
Often thinkof becoming the smoke of this degree...

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Pepe gums blood dyed red chunks of frozen snow.

I walk with my dog Pepe in the twilight time.
AlwaysPepe walked mouth big heavy lumps of frozen snow.
Pepe gums blood dyed red chunks of frozen snow.
Instinct when the mother carry puppy dog might wake up ?
Instinct when the hounds carry prey might wake up ?
Pepe is not released to cherish the snowpack until to get home.

The way of life of people like the beautiful, but it is sad....

It was published in 1919
Beautiful poem of "Moonlight and Pierrot" by Horiguchi Daigaku (link).
"When the twilight time is a good time"
While humming a favorite phrase of Section 3,
Every dayI walk with my dog ​​Pepe the snow-covered road.

The poetry of this beautiful Japanese,
For translating my poor English is impossible.
Howevertry to convey only a part of the atmosphere.

When the twilight time is a good time,
Infinitely gentle moments.

The melancholy of this eveningfrom where they come from?
It is not know anyone!
Oh! nobody, there is no one should have known nothing )
It increases the density with night,
Lead people to a deeper Fantasy ......

When the twilight time is a good time,
Infinitely gentle moments.

At dusk,
Nature has recommended the rest to the people.
The wind fell,
Sound disappears,
People can hear the breath of flowers
Until now, the blades of grass that had been in the wind
Quickly, it will be quiet,
Birds fill the head between the wings ......

When the twilight time is a good time,
Infinitely gentle moments.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Wine, I always choose by label (etiquette) design wine.

Aves del Sur, is our tribute to all the bird species
that live in the southern areas of our country,
that fly through our vineyards, and that represent
the southern spirit of the world with a young,
fresh and generous style.

Are written to the company philosophyIt is wonderful!
Winery in Chile This historic,
Established in 1825Has been in the family over seven generations.

I want to collect all the bottles of this picture of birds
"Aves del Sur" 
 (Link) was examined
There are eight different red and white suit I found.
Ultimate gourmetIt is referred to as Chile food and 
Chile wine.
But I'm more important than the taste of the label.

In Japan, the picture of this bird is preferred.
But, the words that have been written statement that advertising in Japan,
"Cospa best Chile wine super 21st century!"
What COSPA wine?
I knew examine the abbreviation for "cost performance".
I think lowering the product image and abbreviations used in the advertising.
Wine with a great idea, they just seem to cheap wine.

"SumahoKondejiCospa, and 
etc..." frivolous and thoughtless.
( Smartphone, Compact digital camera, Cost performance )
Bitterly lament the flood of abbreviations.

from the left of the photo:
Reserva-Chardonnay (French Oak Barrel : 9 months)
Varietal-Chadonnay (French Oak Barrel : 8 months)
Varietal-Sauvignon Blanc (Aging Potential : 4 years)
Varietal-Cabernet Sauvignon (Aging Potential: 8 years)
Varietal-Carmenere (Aging Potential : 4 years)
Varietal-Merlot (aging Potential : 8 years)
Varietal-Cabernet Sauvignon (French Oak Barrel : 10 months)
Reserva- Carmenere ( French Oak Barrel : 8 months) 

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Cigar "Cuaba Generosos" and song "All My Trials"

Like the smell of Havana cigars "Cuaba",
I received a comment from Mr. NabeshimaI was happy.
While he smoking a Cuaba Generosos cigar,
with Harry Belafonte has sung at the Carnegie Hall in 1959
He has written and listened to "All My Trials".

I also listened to "All My Trials" at the address he written me.
At that timeThis song was popular in the world of many singers sing.
But song of Harry Belafonte was the first time.
And I knew the first time this song has a deep meaning.

   All My Trials, Lord, soon be over
   Too late my brothers, too late
   But never mind
   All my trials, Load, soon be over 

In addition, 
"the cigar to fits single malt that frigid night"
He has written and recommend Cuaba-Generosos cigar.
It was felt his warm words of encouragement to me.

Features Cuaba cigar was released in 1996,
Have been favored in the United Kingdom in the early 20th century
Is a distinctive cigar shape Exquisto both ends pointed.
Cuaba name of, the indigenous Taino tribe of Cuba,
Torches at night light of religious ceremony, and the stove spark
Native shrub called the burning Cuaba well that is used as the origin of the name.
Mr. Nabeshimabut only those who do not know in the comments of this blog,
He put the name of the cigarthe meaning of "Spend a warm winter ! "
It's a joke of his stylish ...
I will go to order endure this frigid winter.

Harry Belafonte 
(Links to English characters, so I can not embed)
This song was born from social protests of the 1950s
In the folk songsung by Joan Baez.
Tell a story to comfort children on the side of the mother's deathbed
Lullaby of the Bahamas is in the base.

   All My Trials, Lord, soon be over
   Too late my brothers, too late
   But never mind
   All my trials, Load, soon be over 

Phrase that is repeated and is close to the chest ...

The late 1950sHarry Belafonte visited Japan.
Calypso "banana boat" was popular in the explosion in Japan.
Black shirt and black pantsBrilliance of the gold belt and buckle
It left a lasting impression on me intensely.