Friday, 26 April 2013

"Le Ciel Dans Une Chambre"- Carla Bruni

StillFuji foothills is just trees who gave a small bud and fallen leaves,
Azalea bloomit is warm in a short time.
Dandelion and violet is a cute flower bloom.
After all, I like the innocent of the wild grass.

Pepe to nap down comfortablyAnd I smoke the pipe.
Is this afternoon, creme de cassis is fragrant
Tobacco "Pipe66" of the German Kohlhase (link) is good.

"Le Ciel Dans Une Chambre"- Carla Bruni (link)
"The sky in a room"
All comes through just this beautiful and poetic title.
Before French first lady Carla Bruni sings in as the super model.
I do not know the poetry of French,
Please feel in the English translation.

"The sky in a room"

When you are close to me
This room hasn’t got any walls
But trees, yes, an infinity of trees
And when you are so close to me
It’s like this ceiling here
Didn’t exist anymore, i see the sky leaning towards us... 
who remain like this
Abandoned like this,
There is nothing more, no nothing more from the other world
I hear the harmonica... but we would say an organ
Which sings for you and me
Up there in the infinite sky
And for you and for me

When you are here with me
This room hasn't got any walls
But trees, an infinity of trees
And when you are close to me
This ceiling, not purple
Doesn't exist anymore, and i see the sky above us
Who remain here, abandoned like this,
There was nothing more, no nothing more in this world
The harmonica plays... it seems an organ to me
Which sings for you and me
In the immensity of the sky
And for you and for me
And for you and for me

Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Cranes are Flying ”ЖУРАВЛИ”

Listen song old Soviet era, "The Cranes",
I thought out of the days of miserable defeat Japan.
I was a first grade elementary school.
"To become the soldier when I grow up"
I believed.

Night of the air strikesat the entrance to the air-raid shelter
Light of the line of searchlights illuminate
The challenge boldly in only one plane to herd the B29 bomber
I saw a fire fighter to be shot down.
It went a little fire disappears fleetingly like a falling star.
Sky of Kobe was stained red.

Men who saw off toward the battlefield did not come home.
Andmy father did not return.

In every era,  cry loudly people the "national interest",
Economic supremacist and maintain third place in world GDP,
The masses are sacrificed ....

Singer Mark Bernes (link) is most famous Soviet Union sings
This "The Cranes", based on a poem that celebrates 
the ancient warriors of the Caucasus,
It was dedicated to the soldiers who died in World War II.

Bernes, died two months after I recorded this song.
This song has been playing in his funeral.

Film, 1957"ЛЕТЯТ ЖУРАВЛИ" (The Cranes are Flying)
The film won the Palme d'Or at the 11th Cannes Film Festival.
It wants to watch the video because it sells.

Автор текста: Р.Гамзатов, Автор музыки: Я.Френкель

Мне кажется порою, что солдаты,
С кровавых не пришедшие полей,
Не в землю нашу полегли когда-то,
А превратились в белых журавлей.

Они, до сей поры, с времён тех дальних,
Летят и подают нам голоса.
Не потому ль так часто и печально
Мы замолкаем, глядя в небеса...
Летит, летит по небу клин усталый,
Летит в тумане на исходе дня.
И в том строю есть промежуток малый -
Быть может это место для меня.

Настанет день, и с журавлиной стаей
Я поплыву в такой же сизой мгле.
Из-под небес, по-птичьи окликая,
Всех вас, кого оставил на земле...

Мне кажется порою, что солдаты
С кровавых не пришедшие полей,
Не в землю нашу полегли когда-то,
А превратились в белых журавлей...

Friday, 19 April 2013

If I ask the world, the world deceive me.

Mt Fuji was beginning to be covered with gray clouds.
It will become rain tomorrow.
TwilightMount Fuji seen as my dog Pepe on the mountain road usual,
I like the appearance of this Fuji feel such sadness.
I was taken with iPhone.

Song of Yupanqui come hear.

Atahualpa Yupanqui of Argentina,
He is known writerpoetcomposersingeras a guitar player.
This "Guitarra dimelo tu" (Guitar, you tell meis,
It continued to fight with the absurdity of the worldhe was forced to exile
One of the representative works of YupanquiPoetrytightened my chest.

Conflict in the mind of Yupanqui,
It is also a conflict Pashifisuto modern Japan has.

If I ask the world,
the world deceive me,
each believes that does not change,
and changing others.

And spend the early mornings,
looking for a ray of light,
Why the night is so long.
Guitar, you tell me.

It becomes crude lie,
so yesterday was really tender,
and to the fertile soil,
becomes sandy.

And spend the early mornings,
looking for a ray of light,
Why the night is so long.
Guitar, you tell me.

Men are Gods dead,
derrumbao a while longer,
and his dreams were saved,
quedao shade only.

And I ask the world,
and the world deceive me,
each believes that does not change,
and changing others.

And spend the early mornings,
looking for a ray of light,
Why the night is so long.
Guitar, you tell me.

Smoking, Smoking, Anyway, this world is absurd.

78 days have passed since I started to pipe smoking.
I had continued to smoke until sleep at night and wake up in the morning.
About 2000 g maths and you'll see that on a empty cans that I have to smoke.
MaybeI have to smoke nearly twice the normal smokers.

But with the leaves of tobacco with a pipe,
Aesthetics of the pipe as a craftand cultural history of smoking,
I learned to concentrate enough to write a research articles.

While representing the photoI was a little regret.
Expensive pipes their addition to tobacco can these.
The time beingI must live in the only smoke enduring rough food ...

I remember the old famous poem in Japan.
This poem represents the transience of Oriental feeling.

full of smoke in the sky
Anywaythis world is absurd
Do not come back in the past
everything is smoke.

And I think the same kind of poetry liked in my school days.
Famous Apollinaire "Mirabeau Bridge"

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

I hurtling through the forest like a beast.

Today, Historic Motorsports service Grand Auto: Mr. Sakuma,
And who he came to re-adjust to fit my taste the XK120.
We were setting Repeat test run in a private road of the mountains.
The exciting run of XK120 that I do not think 60 years old,
We were still satisfied.

Warm gravel or good feeling in the spring sunshine,
My dog Pepe had been sleeping ...

Friday, 12 April 2013

I must provide a single malt whisky "Taliskar" ha ha ha...

The locals say, "Here's a the human have no place to live."
Butsuch a beautiful princess Magnolia are blooming in the garden.
The winding mountain road no oncoming vehicle,
White petals falling down in the driver's seat and running slowly.
It's a place to live with open sports car.

1954 Jaguar XK120SE / Inline-6 DOHC 3,442cc Twin SU H8 Carburettors 

Jaguar XK120SE became Alpine Rally specification.
Engine carburetor replaced b
ig SU-H8 is beautiful,
I think to change enough in a transparent plastic hood.
Air cleaner because only net rough,
Pleasant sound is heard and intake throttle fueling.

Away with the other cars in the way,
There was no choice but to determine the acceleration performance,
Punch the throttle response at high rpm was sharp.
But because I got used to the acceleration of the Porsche of a different dimension,
Well, I just felt I screeds.
I tried to accelerate at 1000rpm 4 speed uphill always be tested,
Distinctive low revs torque XK engine had been restored.
I was worried it becomes difficult ride at low speeds, such as a city,
It is rather smoothperfect !
IndeedMr. Sakuma engine tuning is excellent.

He asked me whether oversteer better,
Stilldeep stroke of the brake pedal does not match after overhaul
I gave up and test the counter steer impossible.
For me to respond to requests on my test run,
Next week, he came to the foot of Mt Fuji for the setting again.
I feel became a professional racing driver !

By that timehis favorite Scotch whisky,
I must provide a single malt whisky "Taliskar".
ha ha ha.....

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Spring has come. And my Jaguar XK120 came back.

My XK120 came back after finishing the maintenance at the Grand Auto.
( Mr. Sakuma to stand to the track sideThe driver's seat Mr. Noguchi.)

Hyacinth tell the spring cheerfully to wade through the fallen leaves.
Fuji cherry is telling us spring shyly and look down.
Still, I need a stove in the morning and evening.
Butspring has come to Mountain Fuji.

WhyDo you know what is called the Fuji cherry?
Blooming form in downward because it is the same as the three pyramid 

mountain Fuji.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

"Please mystery the meaning of the hexagon" Peterson year pipe 2011

From Viennait was delivered this morning
"Peterson Pipe of the Year 2011".

Hexagon like reminiscent of the Middle Ages is romantic.

The theme of 2011 was chess.
SoI chose ebony is appropriate, but why hexagon ?
Chess, King, Queen, Knight, Castles ?
Ireland / Dublin / Chess / Celtic ?
What was there in the image ?

Having examined thoroughly with web attached to this hexagon,
There was no posts they describe its meaning.

Every yearPeterson is limited release 1,000 in the world
Years pipe is attractive enough to want to be collected.
Year after yearcraftsmen of Peterson's has put a special thought,
Must have design.
Years pipe in 2007 but was octagonal,
Square pipe design is from a long time ago.
But why"Chess" theme of the 2011
Is it a hexagon rather than a box of checkers?

Peterson is famous for pipe of Sherlock Holmes.
So “Please detective mystery of the hexagon ?"
They might have to provide us the pleasure of detective.
Every dayI had been thinkingAnd I was inspired !

This cobblestone pillar group of mysterious hexagon 
on the coast of Northern Ireland,
This is famous "Giant's Causeway !" ( link )
It's the design that is the motif vertebral column of
40,000 made ​​of the volcanic activity.

Many legends have been left in this stone pillar group.
A giant called Finn McCall,
Fell in love with the daughter who lives on the island 
of the Hebrides of Scotland,
He was made ​​in order to get over to Ireland her ...

Still, Northern Ireland is divided from the Republic of Ireland,
Complex political situation has been going on with direct rule of the British.
Irish people have a desire for Northern Ireland,
They might have secretly put in a hexagonal ...

While thinking of Northern Ireland history traced,
I put the fire to the pipe of the hexagon.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

"Peterson Pipe of the Year 2010" It is reminiscent of the Jaguar C-Type...

2 monthsI have smoked a lot of pipe smoke than oxygen.
Change in pipe from cigar smokingbecause I was fascinated with its charm.
Pipe smoking is in accord with my personality than cigars.
Read the blog hunts veteran pipe smoker site overseas,
I learned to read the article of domestic pipe smoking.

I taught gave me what pipe suitable to me,
"Peterson Pipe of the Year 2010" sandblasting.
Maybeit is decorated shop pipe tobacco for three years 

without being interested in anyoneand it would be unsold pipe 
that has been on the net shop.
Now that is referred to as "Peterson Pipe of the Year 2010",
I think it would be different from the regular pipe from the stage of planning
There are also concerns about the weight of 65g was purchased to try.

The pipe was deliveredI was love at first sight.
It was powerful shape reminiscent of the men of Ireland.
At first glance, it looks like an ordinary pipe,
Until now, I did not feel this is the pipe that also saw hundreds
It consists of a three-dimensional curve beautifully perfect balance.
It's a pipe aesthetics of this 150-year-old Peterson has cultivated.
The mouthpiece according to the sandblasting black shank,
The sterling silver ring is wound on to feel proud.
What a great aesthetic, I'm a pipe which I was looking.

Now, I will not be so in the mood to smoke in other pipes,
This pipe me satisfy me.
Throughout the dayI have been smoking in this pipe

Tobacco is really delicious.
I clean at the mall smoking is over, shone a flashlight 

into the tiny holes in the flueshankwith a cotton swab to remove the moisture.
AgainI will put the fire in a bowl and packed full of new tobacco.
While resting in a drying cabinet for drying camera at night,
I looked for two more wanted the same pipe for rotation.

To the shop to buy Dunhill of Vienna
There was not the same Peterson poipe of the year 2010.
But, the store had left Peterson Year Pipe 2011.
Be misled by charm of the (ebony) Ebony fancy bowl of hexagonal,
I have ordered.

However, I keep looking and want implacably 2010,
Was left in the tobacco shop in New York.
There was also a rare limited edition Breyer 1000 Serial No. Enters,
Interest in the grain of Breyer liked so far gone.
I ordered the same black sandblasting.

Precious wood and roots, such as pipe and I still do not like,
I grew to love heavy pipe bends ever hated.
Dunhill 4110 Shell Briar Crosby Straight 17cm in length 38g weight,
Sense that the mouth of this pipe 65g weight does not change.
Straight pipe takes away the gravity of the bowl forward,
ButI feel lighter pipe that vents the center of gravity was near mouth.
Large chamber smoke tobacco is aged by the surrounding
Improve the efficiency of heat dissipation from sandblasting
to increase the surface area irregularitiesenjoy milder aroma.
It panetela size than fine cigar,
Same thing with the large size Robusto mild.

Difference in weight and size of the pipe is the same as a sports car,
Acceleration of the engine and the feeling of a light weight sports car
It is the same as the difference between the feeling of acceleration 

of large-displacement engine with torque.

When I look at the shape of this pipe,
To race at Goodwood in 2010
Rear view is rounded dark blue Jaguar C-Type
I like to look in my eyes.