Tuesday, 9 April 2013

"Please mystery the meaning of the hexagon" Peterson year pipe 2011

From Viennait was delivered this morning
"Peterson Pipe of the Year 2011".

Hexagon like reminiscent of the Middle Ages is romantic.

The theme of 2011 was chess.
SoI chose ebony is appropriate, but why hexagon ?
Chess, King, Queen, Knight, Castles ?
Ireland / Dublin / Chess / Celtic ?
What was there in the image ?

Having examined thoroughly with web attached to this hexagon,
There was no posts they describe its meaning.

Every yearPeterson is limited release 1,000 in the world
Years pipe is attractive enough to want to be collected.
Year after yearcraftsmen of Peterson's has put a special thought,
Must have design.
Years pipe in 2007 but was octagonal,
Square pipe design is from a long time ago.
But why"Chess" theme of the 2011
Is it a hexagon rather than a box of checkers?

Peterson is famous for pipe of Sherlock Holmes.
So “Please detective mystery of the hexagon ?"
They might have to provide us the pleasure of detective.
Every dayI had been thinkingAnd I was inspired !

This cobblestone pillar group of mysterious hexagon 
on the coast of Northern Ireland,
This is famous "Giant's Causeway !" ( link )
It's the design that is the motif vertebral column of
40,000 made ​​of the volcanic activity.

Many legends have been left in this stone pillar group.
A giant called Finn McCall,
Fell in love with the daughter who lives on the island 
of the Hebrides of Scotland,
He was made ​​in order to get over to Ireland her ...

Still, Northern Ireland is divided from the Republic of Ireland,
Complex political situation has been going on with direct rule of the British.
Irish people have a desire for Northern Ireland,
They might have secretly put in a hexagonal ...

While thinking of Northern Ireland history traced,
I put the fire to the pipe of the hexagon.

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