Thursday, 4 April 2013

"Peterson Pipe of the Year 2010" It is reminiscent of the Jaguar C-Type...

2 monthsI have smoked a lot of pipe smoke than oxygen.
Change in pipe from cigar smokingbecause I was fascinated with its charm.
Pipe smoking is in accord with my personality than cigars.
Read the blog hunts veteran pipe smoker site overseas,
I learned to read the article of domestic pipe smoking.

I taught gave me what pipe suitable to me,
"Peterson Pipe of the Year 2010" sandblasting.
Maybeit is decorated shop pipe tobacco for three years 

without being interested in anyoneand it would be unsold pipe 
that has been on the net shop.
Now that is referred to as "Peterson Pipe of the Year 2010",
I think it would be different from the regular pipe from the stage of planning
There are also concerns about the weight of 65g was purchased to try.

The pipe was deliveredI was love at first sight.
It was powerful shape reminiscent of the men of Ireland.
At first glance, it looks like an ordinary pipe,
Until now, I did not feel this is the pipe that also saw hundreds
It consists of a three-dimensional curve beautifully perfect balance.
It's a pipe aesthetics of this 150-year-old Peterson has cultivated.
The mouthpiece according to the sandblasting black shank,
The sterling silver ring is wound on to feel proud.
What a great aesthetic, I'm a pipe which I was looking.

Now, I will not be so in the mood to smoke in other pipes,
This pipe me satisfy me.
Throughout the dayI have been smoking in this pipe

Tobacco is really delicious.
I clean at the mall smoking is over, shone a flashlight 

into the tiny holes in the flueshankwith a cotton swab to remove the moisture.
AgainI will put the fire in a bowl and packed full of new tobacco.
While resting in a drying cabinet for drying camera at night,
I looked for two more wanted the same pipe for rotation.

To the shop to buy Dunhill of Vienna
There was not the same Peterson poipe of the year 2010.
But, the store had left Peterson Year Pipe 2011.
Be misled by charm of the (ebony) Ebony fancy bowl of hexagonal,
I have ordered.

However, I keep looking and want implacably 2010,
Was left in the tobacco shop in New York.
There was also a rare limited edition Breyer 1000 Serial No. Enters,
Interest in the grain of Breyer liked so far gone.
I ordered the same black sandblasting.

Precious wood and roots, such as pipe and I still do not like,
I grew to love heavy pipe bends ever hated.
Dunhill 4110 Shell Briar Crosby Straight 17cm in length 38g weight,
Sense that the mouth of this pipe 65g weight does not change.
Straight pipe takes away the gravity of the bowl forward,
ButI feel lighter pipe that vents the center of gravity was near mouth.
Large chamber smoke tobacco is aged by the surrounding
Improve the efficiency of heat dissipation from sandblasting
to increase the surface area irregularitiesenjoy milder aroma.
It panetela size than fine cigar,
Same thing with the large size Robusto mild.

Difference in weight and size of the pipe is the same as a sports car,
Acceleration of the engine and the feeling of a light weight sports car
It is the same as the difference between the feeling of acceleration 

of large-displacement engine with torque.

When I look at the shape of this pipe,
To race at Goodwood in 2010
Rear view is rounded dark blue Jaguar C-Type
I like to look in my eyes.

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