Sunday, 25 November 2012

"Man, Do not become a onlooker never !"

Kumano-Kodo / Kumano Hongu Torii ( link )  Photography: Yoh Onda 

Trip to KoyasanI ran with my son in this XK120.
I wanted to tell himDo not be satisfied with a bystander.
"Man, Do not become a onlooker never !"

Just criticism, people are participating in the illusion as politics.
Just watch sports, people illusion became an athlete.
Just collect toys, people like the illusion got the real thing.

I can not admit, the men with a big mouth like this. 

I have been teaching my son how to drive classic car
The technology of the old race car that I've learned.
Heel and toeHow to align the revolution speed at the time of shift down.
Cornering techniquesHow you step on the
 drum brake.
Mechanism of the drive trainfuel system. etc...
In the rainthe brake problem would have been a good experience for him.

Beijing to ParisI gave up and it is impossible to physically anymore.
Buthoping that my son would come true me that dream.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Classic car fashion of Henry Poole for Aston Martin

This is a classic car driving fashion of Henry Poole for Aston Martin.
These photo will be candy my eyes...

Classic car meetingoriginally It's a the world like this.
Childish meetings in Japan is different from the atmosphere.
Originally it's impossible in Japan.
If we even had a meeting that mimics the atmosphere like in Japan,
It would be like the Evening Ball of shameful atmosphere Rokumeikan (link).

We can buy any expensive classic car.
Butwe can not buy such elegance.

Autumn, many classic car meeting has been held in Japan.
Andsurprised by the dreadfulness of great car that exist in Japan.
Butnever saw a person look good on classic car.
Everyoneit looks poorly in jeans, baseball cap 
and down jacket uniformly,
Have lost the dignified of a classic car.
Classic cars are merely accessory
Owner should be recognized as a leading actor
Not only classic carI hope to classic car enthusiasts
want to enjoy the more fashion.
Taylor menswear at number 15 Savile Rowin London, UK
Widely known as "Taylor's oldest Savile Row."

Friday, 16 November 2012

Traditional seat stick made ​​in England sent me by Mr. Inoue

Traditional seat stick made ​​in England sent me by Mr. Inoue

Sitting in the cockpit of a 1947 MG TC of Mr. Inoue at Vetro Montagna.
Fascinated by the Big Jaeger dials, it's British sporting tradition.

Always, I want to be that old cane like look nice.
And it want to be a natural formI was walking my ​​Pepe with a stick.
It is because of my yearningnot because painful to walk.                    

This year, I went to have my favorite stick of Vetro Montagna.
I feel that I have a stickand anyone old enough strange.
Many people prefer to be seen younger,
But, I want to be seen in aged that have been refined over years.
So, I was glad that it is not strange that I also have a stick.

Mr. Inoue, who participated in the1947 MG TC. was meet again this year.
With a smile he said, "I will send you a nice present" to me.
Last year, he gave me a wooden box of rare antique British (Link) 
to me.
He often went to the antique auction in Britain, 
and he knew the goods likely my favorite.

From the time I saw seat stick the first time in the race track in the UK,
I thought I did want to get older.
Therefore, I came to an age where I need it now.
I will enjoy a cigar while watching the Mt.Fuji sitting in this seat stick.

Mr. Inoue. Thank you so much

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Clothes brush, I always put it into luggage when out on trip.

Photo from Mr.Sakuma. There was the brush on the side of the spare tire.

Recently, I often lost my favorite tools.
I think it's sad but not be helped because the age.

When travelingI have always put in luggage clothes brush.
This clothes brush with the handle of ebony wood,
This brush I got when I was tailored clothes in Eikokuya in Ginza.
Hair textureweightshapes is I like.
And it's memories of when I was brilliant.

But I was leave this brush with the trip to Koyasan.
Maybe it would have been left in the trunk of the XK120 was repaired.
I asked to G
rand Auto do not forget to clothes brush in the car.
Photo was sent from Mr. Sakuma  "Is this brush? "
And he soon gave me to sent by express delivery.

And yet, I'm looking for another favorite tool lost this time....

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

21th VETRO MONTAGNA gave a strong admonish my conceit.

1962 Aston Martin DB4 Vantage of the owner Dr. Hasegawa.
Thank you for lend me Mr. Sakuma who participated in your crew
And, thanks to Mr. Sakuma who helped me until midnight.

Evening after the rain. Mr. Sakuma get ready for loading into car carrier.
Midnight. XK120 to loading the transporter arrived from Tokyo.
Time taken to Tokyo from Wakayama came in about 9 hours.

Important performance, it's the most car braking ability.
Rain in Koyasan
taught me the importance of brakes 
that I had forgotten.

Downhill of the Kumano Kodo is continuous tight corners in the rain
XK120 drum brake of the left front wheel was not working.
Wiper uselessWhile cloudy with a towel and wipe the windows,
Fell to the bottom of the valleyto the car in front collision.
Exhaustion has reached the limit of the nerve at risk blowing sweat.

Mr. Sakuma (Grand Auto) check the temperature of the four wheels,
He said the left front drum brakes was cold.
Not the fade by frequently used braking in downhill
it does not operate the brake shoes wheel cylinder locks.
Car around the block to flash the hazard lights of my support car
I did not have the only way down from the mountain 
at the speed of about 20km/h.

Reliable car transporter"Crayon".  I called my broken car to carry 
to Tokyo from Wakayama.
Crayon to arrive in Tokyo from Wakayamaabout 9 hours.
We were waiting for a leisurely dinner at Shirahama.
And I came back home to sleep in the back seat of my support car.

Engine was perfect. Suspension setting was perfect.
An attempt to further improve the responsiveness of the steering,
In this event site, in order to improve the steering response and more
I had to adjust the torsion bar on leaning forward in Mr. Sakuma.
Had planned soontry and brake overhaul
But I was thinking that may be overhauled when to hibernate in his factory.
From the time I was starting the engine by turning the crank handle,
even though I was riding I own a car.  "What a stupid !"

"Run within a speed you are confident to stop."
I had forgotten the basics of car drivers should have to.
It's been too accustomed to the ease of modern cars.

At the entrance of the templewaiting for our lunchDino and Pepe.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

"Look ahead through between the water droplets and water droplets!"

Shake hands official finish. with Australian navigator Mr.Ian Saville. he was very tall, handsome guy.

Second day of VETRO MONTAGNA is forecast of rain. 
Starting Koyasan, Touring the distance of 177km to Kumano in the rain. 
MoreoverI must come back the highway at midnight in the rain. 
There is more than 600km from Wakayama to Mt.Fuji.
The round-trip distance is about 2000km in total.
It means the Hell of Drive for 1954 Jaguar XK120SE.

I remember a long time ago when I fought Targa Tasmania Rally.
I was taught to Australian navigator Mr.Ian Saville.
"Look ahead through between the water droplets and water droplets!"

Small wiper does not move only slowly,
it is not enough to wipe the rain.
Window is cloudy because there is no ventilation.
Attaching the soft top and side curtain,
Field of view is worst is sealed in cramped cockpit.
with my dog Pepe.

Perhaps, it would not be able to imagine the modern people.
Dark headlightsdrum brakesnoise, vibration, and poor handling.
But, it's a fun stupid of me I only know.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Poor after the war, I did not know the sweetness of sugar, but Paganini knew.

Sundaycars and people are everywhere because of vacationers,
Forget walking my dog​​, I spent listening to music in the room.

Reminds me of my childhood listening to Paganini.
Sunday morningI went to the house of the teacher for violin lessons.

At the end of my lesson, the teacher was playing the Paganini.
Maybe the teacher probably did not endure the sound of my violin.

Era was poor after the war , I did not know the sweet sugar.
But I have been fascinated by the music of 78 rpm phonograph.

In 1953, the famous violinist Jacques Thibaud,
When he died in a plane crash in the Alps route visit to Japan.

Fascinated by the violin playing of LEONID KOGAN.
Nicolo Paganini Cantabile in D Major Op.17
and Sonata No.10 in A Minor Op.3

I like the Sonata No.10 in the video below,
To take a look at the handsome appearance of Kogan to play,
I put big videos Cantabile.

Recording is good, I want to hear the sound of the violin 
to raise the volume than usual.