Sunday, 25 November 2012

"Man, Do not become a onlooker never !"

Kumano-Kodo / Kumano Hongu Torii ( link )  Photography: Yoh Onda 

Trip to KoyasanI ran with my son in this XK120.
I wanted to tell himDo not be satisfied with a bystander.
"Man, Do not become a onlooker never !"

Just criticism, people are participating in the illusion as politics.
Just watch sports, people illusion became an athlete.
Just collect toys, people like the illusion got the real thing.

I can not admit, the men with a big mouth like this. 

I have been teaching my son how to drive classic car
The technology of the old race car that I've learned.
Heel and toeHow to align the revolution speed at the time of shift down.
Cornering techniquesHow you step on the
 drum brake.
Mechanism of the drive trainfuel system. etc...
In the rainthe brake problem would have been a good experience for him.

Beijing to ParisI gave up and it is impossible to physically anymore.
Buthoping that my son would come true me that dream.

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