Sunday, 18 November 2012

Classic car fashion of Henry Poole for Aston Martin

This is a classic car driving fashion of Henry Poole for Aston Martin.
These photo will be candy my eyes...

Classic car meetingoriginally It's a the world like this.
Childish meetings in Japan is different from the atmosphere.
Originally it's impossible in Japan.
If we even had a meeting that mimics the atmosphere like in Japan,
It would be like the Evening Ball of shameful atmosphere Rokumeikan (link).

We can buy any expensive classic car.
Butwe can not buy such elegance.

Autumn, many classic car meeting has been held in Japan.
Andsurprised by the dreadfulness of great car that exist in Japan.
Butnever saw a person look good on classic car.
Everyoneit looks poorly in jeans, baseball cap 
and down jacket uniformly,
Have lost the dignified of a classic car.
Classic cars are merely accessory
Owner should be recognized as a leading actor
Not only classic carI hope to classic car enthusiasts
want to enjoy the more fashion.
Taylor menswear at number 15 Savile Rowin London, UK
Widely known as "Taylor's oldest Savile Row."

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