Sunday, 30 December 2012

Portrait of my ​​Pepe.

Pepe is 10 years old Irish Setter.
In human years is equivalent to 70 years old.
Pepe mom is 14 years old.
I hope that Pepe will be as graceful mother (link). 

Mother of Pepe : "Ailu"

The photos below:
When recently was met at the mountain park to Irish Setter owner (link),
he had taking pictures Pepe.
Pepe scared to my camera, so I can not shoot good photo.
But in another camera show the natural look like these.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Samurai class decorated the flat-cut. Because they knew emptiness of the fight.

In Japan, it is customary to decorate the "Kadomatsu(link)
like Christmas tree in the New Year.
About this Kadomatsu, 
there is interesting story 
do not even know Japanese. 

Kadomatsu must decorate before December 28.
The reason for this is that:
"9" on the 29th, which means "
Ku (Suffer)" in Japanese sound.
"Pine" is"Matsu (Wait)" in Japanese sound.
Because it means "Ku o Matsu" (Waiting for the suffering).

There are two types of tip shape of bambooSharp cut and Flat cut.
The original was flat. But when the "battle of Mikatagahara",
Ieyasu Tokugawa was defeated Shingen Takeda.
He do not forget the insult was cut diagonally like the tip of a bamboo spear.
It is said that it's the beginning of the sharp cut.

Samurai class decorated the traditional flat-cut.
But the merchant class would like a sharp-cut showy. 
Currently, a sharp cut has become majority.

The origin of Kadomatsuwas decorating the pine symbolizes long life 
in front of the gate of the time of Tang (618-907) in China.
In Japan was introduced from China the Heian period (794-1192)
Became the current style along with a bamboo pine
from becoming the Muromachi period (1336-1573).
It is said the fact that bamboo symbolizes long life as well
so it was a style like this.

In this waymost of the old Japanese culture was introduced 
from China and KoreaAnd it is the culture that was arranged in Japan.
The Japanese only did arrange them.
Since the Meiji period has been indiscriminate imitation Western culture.
Artist Taro Okamoto said, "There is only the original Jomon culture of Jpan."

It is the Stone Age of the 10th century BC.
Japanese people are too conceited.

Flat-cut of Samurai house.
Simple and strong image is the thought of Zen.

Sharp-cut of Traditional sweets shop:
Directed the prestigious merchant.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

This year go away along with the beautiful moon

Shining moon began to climb to the forest of larch.
Tonight is the full moon.
Night air is below freezingBut winter 
moonlight is beautiful.
Let's look at the moon on the terrace to withstand the cold.
Beautiful cold night like this,
Partagas Serie D Especial EL 2010 that has been aged,
and Single malt whiskey Strathisla 12 aged.
Will hear the howling of wolves.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Scared eyes that are despised the arrogance of humans.

”Why did not you run awayIs it in the cold wind was hungry?”
Been captured on Christmas day....
At least, I want to eat the delicious food at the end.
I'll put in a cage to Pepe jerky snack.

Raccoon that had been requested to disinfect the resident was caught.
Scared eyes among the cruel cage grieve me.
Maybe raccoon would be sent to the facility tomorrow.
I want to let euthanasia as soon as possible !

The trick to catch the animalshuman is too brutal to think about this cage.
I do not like to enjoy fishing and hunting as a hobby.
Because they are not hunter or fisherman work for a living,

I remember the words of "The Deer Hunter" movie 1978.
"One shot, One kill " is the creed of deer hunters.
It means that in one shot so as not to suffer the beautiful and noble deer.

         Croatia's beautiful classical guitar player.
         Cavatina (Theme from 'Deer Hunter')
         performed by Ana Vidovic ( link )

Lamented the pet boom in Japan 
because cute anthropomorphic animal.

Raccoonsmade ​​famous by the TV anime in Japan
and original novel of Stirling North American writerthe "Rascal My Far".
It is a story of friendship with 
Rascal of days he was 11-year-old boy.
He is also mentioned in relation to the difficulties of 
coexistence between humans and nature.

1969made by Disney1977animated by the Japanese as "Rascal Raccoon
in the "Children's theater Calpis", was broadcast for one year.
Under the influence of this TV anime
raccoon native to North America that are not originally in Japan 
were brought as pets.

After that, difficult keep raccoons are discarded on the mountain
and they were feral in Japan.
It has become a problem to threaten the existing wildlife habitat
such as damage to crops and raccoon dogs.
Currently, each local government are doing to disinfect.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Listen carefully, sleeper's breathing of birds can hear.

Christmas Eve is spent in the cabin with my dog ​​Pepe.
Shadow of the trees are painting black stripes on the ground. 

Listen carefully, sleeper's breathing of birds can hear. 
Although I want to see a falling star, evening would be snow.
But, snow is like the falling stars will shine in the darkness.

A few days after, passing inexorably this year.
I think the people who suffer in the cold by poverty and unhappiness,
in the town decorated with colorful lights and Christmas tree.

And, I suffer myself can only pray for them. 

Please listen to Giovanni Battista Pergolesi.
Katia Ricciarelli's soprano of Bel Canto singing
Soft sound to squeezed out in a whisper is beautiful and graceful.
I do not know more than this graceful singing

Katia Ricciarelli and Lucia Valentini 

sing the final movement of Pergolesi's Stabat Mater. 1979. 
Conductor: Claudio Abbado.

Stabat Mater "Our Lady of Sorrows" is one of the chant 
of the Catholic Church in the 13th century.
Is one of the very poignant poetry of the Middle Ages.
When Jesus Christ was the son crucifixion
singing the sorrow experienced by the mother Maria.

Since the Middle Agesmany composers of Western music

has put a song in this poem.
PalestrinaVivaldi, PergolesiHaydnRossini, Dvorak, etc.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

If there are Cohiba Siglo II required before my death...

From overseas cigar shop that always buy cigars,
This year, I have received Xmas gift.
It's a cute ballpoint pen that mimics the Cohiba tube.
Last year was a turbo lighter color Cohiba.
MaybeI think this pen is that there is no goods of 
Habanos S.A.
ButI was very happy that caring the shop.
Immediately, I ordered the Siglo II for New Year.

Until nowI have experienced ten thousands of cigars.
What a wasting that would be foolish !
Cigar, there are countless types.
And I smoked a lot of cigars to compare each cigar.
Background of the Brand. SizeShapeFlavorAtmosphere.
I learned the knowledge of the cigar hooked.
And, Outdoors. Room. SituationI had chosen it to match.

Report of cigar tasting all were examined.
I enjoyed collecting cigar accessories.
In additionI was also very nervous to respond cigar store.
But now, I could not to worry about the such things.
Onlyjust to check the humidity of the humidor.

Favorite cigar has been changed with age.
Now, it is my favorite Cohiba Siglo II.
Ring Gauge: 42, Length: 129, Shape: Mareva.
Its flavors is remarkable for its smooth tast and creamy, 
grassy aromas mixed with some hints of fresh beans. 

It is too expensive for me nowto save others.
But, while smoking a cigar the lost in thought to me 

is precious time more than anything else.

If there are Cohiba Siglo II required before my death,
I do not want anything else.     ha ha ha....

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Dark age of creeping premonition that has become reality.

Morning of December it is raining cold.
Last night, the House of Representatives election results made ​​me despair.
Many people that has been induced in the TV and Newspaper,
the fear of radiation from the explosion of Fukushima nuclear.
New regime said that it needs for economic revitalization,
Would promote nuclear power.
And, many people wants only the richness of their own.

We forget that it belongs to poor hierarchy of 99%.
It is meant to be exploited rich layer of 1%.

In additionchanging the Constitution by diplomatic pressure,
Trying to aim for a strong country that can be war.
But, we have forgotten the disastrous defeat of World War II.
Japan today is the same situation with those days.

We have been brainwashed by TV and Newspaper.
Easy to induce the public in the capital the same TV and Newspaper,
Cross-ownership has made ​​toward the Japanese to destruction.

My job was advertising strategy planning.  So, I know well. 
TV and Newspaper to make the perfect strategy 
used to brainwash the people in the direction they want is easy.

We have been brainwashed by TV and Newspaper.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

The beauty, it may be there only in sadness.

Sunset view from my cabin is sorrowful.
The clouds are singing "Erbarme dich, mein Gott".
The trees are lamenting the ugly society.

The beauty, It may be there only in Sadness.

"St. Matthew Passion" of JS Bach
Based on the New Testament "Gospel of St. Matthew"
In which depicts the Passion of Jesus.
"Erbarme dich, mein Gott" is the 39th song,
St. Peter, who betrayed Jesus be against his will
Lament sung by contralto is deep contrition.

In contralto Eula Beal and Yehudi Menuhin (link) playing the violin,
Bach's St. Matthew Passion "Erbarme Dich, mein Gott"
Yehudi Menuhin's violin solos is wonderful.

Yehudi Menuhin is reminds me of my childhood that had learned to play the violin.
There was a picture of Yehudi Menuhinwho visited Japan in the teacher's room.
Every time my left arms are tired and fall was noted teacher "look at the picture."
It was a picture which Yehudi Menuhin played by the neat posture.
I was age of 13 in 1951.

This video is a very precious recording of 1947.
Symphony Orchestra of Hollywood under Antal Dorati (link);
recorded at the Charlie Chaplin Studios, Hollywood.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

The richest of my time, looking for car parts.

Joy of classic carit's pleasure to be repaired than to driving pleasure.
Looking for parts from the worldmade ​​of one-off parts.
From the need to read the manualis also studying English.

Anyone can do only drive classic car, because it is not interesting,
Only drive, I have more fun in modern Porsche.
Butto derive performance underdevelopment of classic car,
Technology and engineering knowledge is required.
Sorather than styling and atmosphere of classic cars,
I am interested in the mechanisms and performance.

Now, I will be able to order in the UK and U.S.on the net easily,
Old days, I had to order it took a month to write a contact letter.
I was also studying the customs clearance procedures like trader.
And I was also learning English.
Air cargo because it was expensiveI was using a cheap shipping service.
And I have taken three months to delivery.
Butnow will be delivered in a week at DHL.

I have a parts catalog and the parts are stock ride like lifetime,
I went to the meeting with Mr. Sakuma of Grand Auto.
For the master cylinder and the wheel cylinders,
Lockheed repair kit was enough in stock.
Only adjustable parts and brake shoes was required purchase.
Let's overhaul also replace the bearings of the wheel hub.
Parts catalog to find the parts needed for my fun time.
With reference to the parts catalog and workshop manual XK120,
and my favorite cigars, It is the best time for me. 

Difficult part will receive a request 
with the photos from Mr. Sakuma

Overhaul have finished by Lockheed repair kit
Master cylinder and wheel cylinders

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Birdhouse has been swaying in north wind

Where the little birds would have gone
Birdhouse has been swaying in north wind
Frozen swaying in my sorrow

Where the flowers would have gone
Pampas grass has been swaying in north wind
Withered swaying in my sorrow

The morning air was 10 degrees below zero
And by the time the sun sets four o'clock
Frozen leaves covering the forest
Frost is lift up the ground
Cold winter came to the foothills of Fuji

Soon, around here is covered with the white snow
Then, the snow would wrapping my sorrow