Thursday, 20 December 2012

If there are Cohiba Siglo II required before my death...

From overseas cigar shop that always buy cigars,
This year, I have received Xmas gift.
It's a cute ballpoint pen that mimics the Cohiba tube.
Last year was a turbo lighter color Cohiba.
MaybeI think this pen is that there is no goods of 
Habanos S.A.
ButI was very happy that caring the shop.
Immediately, I ordered the Siglo II for New Year.

Until nowI have experienced ten thousands of cigars.
What a wasting that would be foolish !
Cigar, there are countless types.
And I smoked a lot of cigars to compare each cigar.
Background of the Brand. SizeShapeFlavorAtmosphere.
I learned the knowledge of the cigar hooked.
And, Outdoors. Room. SituationI had chosen it to match.

Report of cigar tasting all were examined.
I enjoyed collecting cigar accessories.
In additionI was also very nervous to respond cigar store.
But now, I could not to worry about the such things.
Onlyjust to check the humidity of the humidor.

Favorite cigar has been changed with age.
Now, it is my favorite Cohiba Siglo II.
Ring Gauge: 42, Length: 129, Shape: Mareva.
Its flavors is remarkable for its smooth tast and creamy, 
grassy aromas mixed with some hints of fresh beans. 

It is too expensive for me nowto save others.
But, while smoking a cigar the lost in thought to me 

is precious time more than anything else.

If there are Cohiba Siglo II required before my death,
I do not want anything else.     ha ha ha....

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