Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Now, the Japanese should remember. This movie...

Film was produced in 1959, "On the Beach".
Directed by Stanley Kramer 
Starring: Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Fread astaire and Anthony Perkins.

"What to do with nuclear power plant, it is trivial.
Politicians should think more in perspective."

Japanese old politician have lash out.
He is popular man of the masses like a TV talent.
In Japan, this anachronistic man has spoken as a politician.
Every day, TV and newspaper are the news of this old man,
The inciting the masses just like before World War II.
More and more, I despair of Japanese politics.

"On the Beach" movie in 1959.
Now, the Japanese should remember this movie.
Theme song "Walzing Matilda" was big hit in Japan.
The word of the Banner is very impressive in the last scene.
"There is still time...Brother"
Ferrari 750 appeared in this movie, but when I saw this movie,
Yet, the Japanese did not know anyone Ferrari.

Original author of this movie Nevil Shute wrote this novel 
is inspired by the poetry of T.S. Eliot.

from "The Hollow men" poem made ​​in 1925

  This is the way the way the world ends
  This is the way the way the world ends 
  This is the way the way the world ends 
  Not with a bang but a whimper.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Sokolov plays Scriabin Prelude and Nocturne for the left hand Op.9

Rainy dayI spend listening to music in my room alone.
Prelude and Nocturne for the Left Hand Op.9 of Alexander Scriabin.
Over and over againI was listening to the performance of famous artists.
I was also fascinated by graceful played of Martina Filjak,
which was introduced yesteday.
Today, I was impressed by the performance of Grigorij Sokolov.
Perhaps, because it was raining and cold...

Sound by the touch of finger is like the cry of the soul of Sokolov,
Reverberation of the sound by the delicate pedal control,
Trembling my weary mind, forget the sadness.

And, as long as there is music like thisI do not want anything else.
I can live withstood the any sorrows.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Long night of autumn, My cigar bitter than usual.

Nocturne for the left hand Op 9, No.2. by Alexander Scriabin.
This Op 9 was composed when he hurt his right hand.
Op 9, No.1 is Prelude in melancholy, No.2 is this Nocturne.
PianoMartina Filjak

Last night, I drank with this Nocturne.
It is not was fascinated by the beauty of this pianist.
I was impressed to Alexander Scriabin who created this beautiful nocturne.
Pianist will only play as the score of this nocturne.

That said, her performance is fantastic, it has full of grace and delicate.  

Of coursethere are differences of interpretation 
by the sensitivity of some of the performers.
Its training requires 10 hours every dayit will last a lifetime as long as a pianist.
But, this was created out of nothing is a nocturne by A. Scriabin.
It also can play only the left hand.

However, in concerts and TVonly character and techniques 
of the conductor and musicians are in the limelight.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

After all, priority is given to the goodness of the appearance

Mr. Sakuma sent me pictures are always excited me.
He is not photographer, but better than the photographer shooting photo.
The man who perfectly master one thing, the great ability to exert all. 

Photography: Mr. Sakuma / Grand Auto 

This fitting screw attached to drill holes for the vacuum advance control sensor.
Screw is connected to the vacuum diaphragm with brass tube. 

SU H8 carburetor for the C-type was overhauled in shiny.
It has a large force there is also a 2 inch intake port.
Previously, in this SU H8 carburetorno vacuum advance control in racing
I had installed the Mallory distributor with dual points.

After that, H8 carburetor because not suitable for city driving.
I was back to H-6 standard carburetor.
But, the dual point distributor that does not have a vacuum advance control,
Acceleration has become worse in the H6 standard cab.
I was made ​​to return to the standard Lucas distributor 
with a vacuum advance control.

This time, I was overhauled for storage H8 cab was sleeping in the garage.
I was excited by the beauty of the SU H8 polished cab.
It was reminiscent of XK120C engines fought the Le Mans 24 Hours.
Let's put up some hard to ride everyday, 
want to mount the SU H8 carburetor.
Butthere are no outlets for the vacuum advance angle control H8 for the race.
I was asked to install them to Mr. Sakuma that the vacuum diaphragm 
and brass pipe drill a hole for sensing the vacuum.

Photography has been sent from Mr. Sakuma (Ground Auto).
And was written as follows:
I sent a picture of the vacuum pick-up attachment.
Closer to the throttle valve is good response sensor hole a little more,
Where there is only hereAfter installing the cartrying to set.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


21th VETROMONTAGUNA. Classic car meeting Koyasan.
Last night, I finished painting for the poster.
Today, I sent to the printing company to design the poster.
Maybe it is going to the design this image.

The original picture will be auction this event is an annual,
And their sales will be donated to orphans traffic.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Japanese good carpenter like his arm is fade away....

Various types chisel in the tool roll of leather suede.

蘭丸 (Ranmaru) in the box of paulownia wood. "Hakogaki" is good.

Wooden tool box was a symbol of the Japanese carpenter.

To change the wood flooring tatami room of my cottage,
Carpenter is coming every morning.
He is old carpenter, but let me satisfy me with a great job.

"五郎” (Goro-san), his name is the famous carpenter in this area.

He bring the rice balls lunch that were made ​​to his wife.
And he knows that I am alone,
he brought me the rice ball in which his wife made ​​for me.
Every day, I eat the delicious rice balls with him while thanks.
He has a manhood that had the old Japanese carpenter.

Today, we talked about the Chisel of a carpenter's tool.
"Chiseltraditional Japanese carpenter's tool.
Shining blade decreasing abrasive technique shows 
the soul of the carpenter.

His favorite chisels is 市弘 (Ichihiro), 菊弘丸 (Kikuhiromaru).
And their chisels are selected based on the type of work.
He says their cutting performance is very different.

Today, he was using 蘭丸 (Ranmaru) in the box of paulownia wood.
When using a long neck is thin so as looking up to the tip.
In addition, the easy to enter to the tip.

The angle of the surface is scraped back tightly.

Modern house has become only assembled mass-produced material.
Skilled carpenter technologytraditional tools
but they are now becoming unnecessarily.
They are easy to assemble like the plastic model car for children.

Good carpenter like his arm is fade away....

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Can not talk about surrealism in French. It is surrealism !

My French dictionary of school days: "Dictionnaire Pratique" Francais-Japonais
  Librairie Hakusuisha 1951

I thought when I was a college student,
trying to write a graduation thesis with surrealism.

At that time, Famous scholar Murata Kazunosuke (link)
was published by Sougensha of "Western art history." 
I've learned in this book in Western art in high school.
He was a professor at my university
And I had received the teachings of Professor Murata. 
I ask the advice of him with the graduation thesis.

Professor ask me, "How can you French?" 
"French is not possible." I answered.

Professor said. .

" Talk about surrealism can not understand French. "
It is surrealism ! "

What a great joke sarcasm ! 
I was very impressed with the feel shame.
Since then, my complex for foreign language continues.

Recognition of Japanese intelligentsia have on European culture
There is only at this level generally. 
Indeed, it can be said it is surrealism !   
ha ha ha....

Saturday, 6 October 2012

All art has become a popular entertainment.

José Ortega y Gasset

There is
 pure literature and popular literature in the literature,
In art, 
there is a pure art and popular art.
Currently, Japanese artists aspire to majorashamed to be a minor.
It is a measure has forgotten that it is a popular.

And it means the commercialism that pandering to the masses.
Sadly, all art has become a popular entertainment 

filled with commercialism.

It is also the art world and the world of politics,
Have all perish by democratization.

AnymoreI'm in despair.
I lamented the owner of art gallery "Galerie Couleurs" (link).
He lend me two books he did not speak, and read this book.

The famous spanish philosopher: José Ortega y Gasset(link) .
"La rebelion de las masas" (link) 
(Rebellion of the masses) 
And, under the influence of Ortega y Gasset
Japanese philosopher: Nishibe Susumu (Treason to the public)
”大衆への反逆"西部 邁著)

Now, I'm reading.
I hope to heal a little of my despair....

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Fascinated by this C-type exhaust manifold.

"21th VETRO MONTAGNA" Classic car meeting Koyasan.
Now, I'm drawing an illustration of the poster.
And I've been shooting for the reference materials
in many photos of classic car race in 
Europe and America,
I found this old photo.
It's the engine of the C-type taken in the paddock of Laguna Seca.
Fascinated by this exhaust manifold.

The XK original manifold, inefficient heavy cast made of enamel paint.
In addition, dirty-looking enamel paint peeling in the heat quickly.
So, now my XK120 is fitted with a stainless steel manifold.
But, I changed to the same carburetor SU H8 C-type,
I got to make a special manifold of the same shape as the C-type this 
I hope to mount it.