Friday, 26 October 2012

Long night of autumn, My cigar bitter than usual.

Nocturne for the left hand Op 9, No.2. by Alexander Scriabin.
This Op 9 was composed when he hurt his right hand.
Op 9, No.1 is Prelude in melancholy, No.2 is this Nocturne.
PianoMartina Filjak

Last night, I drank with this Nocturne.
It is not was fascinated by the beauty of this pianist.
I was impressed to Alexander Scriabin who created this beautiful nocturne.
Pianist will only play as the score of this nocturne.

That said, her performance is fantastic, it has full of grace and delicate.  

Of coursethere are differences of interpretation 
by the sensitivity of some of the performers.
Its training requires 10 hours every dayit will last a lifetime as long as a pianist.
But, this was created out of nothing is a nocturne by A. Scriabin.
It also can play only the left hand.

However, in concerts and TVonly character and techniques 
of the conductor and musicians are in the limelight.

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