Saturday, 6 October 2012

All art has become a popular entertainment.

José Ortega y Gasset

There is
 pure literature and popular literature in the literature,
In art, 
there is a pure art and popular art.
Currently, Japanese artists aspire to majorashamed to be a minor.
It is a measure has forgotten that it is a popular.

And it means the commercialism that pandering to the masses.
Sadly, all art has become a popular entertainment 

filled with commercialism.

It is also the art world and the world of politics,
Have all perish by democratization.

AnymoreI'm in despair.
I lamented the owner of art gallery "Galerie Couleurs" (link).
He lend me two books he did not speak, and read this book.

The famous spanish philosopher: José Ortega y Gasset(link) .
"La rebelion de las masas" (link) 
(Rebellion of the masses) 
And, under the influence of Ortega y Gasset
Japanese philosopher: Nishibe Susumu (Treason to the public)
”大衆への反逆"西部 邁著)

Now, I'm reading.
I hope to heal a little of my despair....

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