Thursday, 4 October 2012

Fascinated by this C-type exhaust manifold.

"21th VETRO MONTAGNA" Classic car meeting Koyasan.
Now, I'm drawing an illustration of the poster.
And I've been shooting for the reference materials
in many photos of classic car race in 
Europe and America,
I found this old photo.
It's the engine of the C-type taken in the paddock of Laguna Seca.
Fascinated by this exhaust manifold.

The XK original manifold, inefficient heavy cast made of enamel paint.
In addition, dirty-looking enamel paint peeling in the heat quickly.
So, now my XK120 is fitted with a stainless steel manifold.
But, I changed to the same carburetor SU H8 C-type,
I got to make a special manifold of the same shape as the C-type this 
I hope to mount it.

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