Saturday, 13 October 2012

Japanese good carpenter like his arm is fade away....

Various types chisel in the tool roll of leather suede.

蘭丸 (Ranmaru) in the box of paulownia wood. "Hakogaki" is good.

Wooden tool box was a symbol of the Japanese carpenter.

To change the wood flooring tatami room of my cottage,
Carpenter is coming every morning.
He is old carpenter, but let me satisfy me with a great job.

"五郎” (Goro-san), his name is the famous carpenter in this area.

He bring the rice balls lunch that were made ​​to his wife.
And he knows that I am alone,
he brought me the rice ball in which his wife made ​​for me.
Every day, I eat the delicious rice balls with him while thanks.
He has a manhood that had the old Japanese carpenter.

Today, we talked about the Chisel of a carpenter's tool.
"Chiseltraditional Japanese carpenter's tool.
Shining blade decreasing abrasive technique shows 
the soul of the carpenter.

His favorite chisels is 市弘 (Ichihiro), 菊弘丸 (Kikuhiromaru).
And their chisels are selected based on the type of work.
He says their cutting performance is very different.

Today, he was using 蘭丸 (Ranmaru) in the box of paulownia wood.
When using a long neck is thin so as looking up to the tip.
In addition, the easy to enter to the tip.

The angle of the surface is scraped back tightly.

Modern house has become only assembled mass-produced material.
Skilled carpenter technologytraditional tools
but they are now becoming unnecessarily.
They are easy to assemble like the plastic model car for children.

Good carpenter like his arm is fade away....

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