Thursday, 13 December 2012

The richest of my time, looking for car parts.

Joy of classic carit's pleasure to be repaired than to driving pleasure.
Looking for parts from the worldmade ​​of one-off parts.
From the need to read the manualis also studying English.

Anyone can do only drive classic car, because it is not interesting,
Only drive, I have more fun in modern Porsche.
Butto derive performance underdevelopment of classic car,
Technology and engineering knowledge is required.
Sorather than styling and atmosphere of classic cars,
I am interested in the mechanisms and performance.

Now, I will be able to order in the UK and U.S.on the net easily,
Old days, I had to order it took a month to write a contact letter.
I was also studying the customs clearance procedures like trader.
And I was also learning English.
Air cargo because it was expensiveI was using a cheap shipping service.
And I have taken three months to delivery.
Butnow will be delivered in a week at DHL.

I have a parts catalog and the parts are stock ride like lifetime,
I went to the meeting with Mr. Sakuma of Grand Auto.
For the master cylinder and the wheel cylinders,
Lockheed repair kit was enough in stock.
Only adjustable parts and brake shoes was required purchase.
Let's overhaul also replace the bearings of the wheel hub.
Parts catalog to find the parts needed for my fun time.
With reference to the parts catalog and workshop manual XK120,
and my favorite cigars, It is the best time for me. 

Difficult part will receive a request 
with the photos from Mr. Sakuma

Overhaul have finished by Lockheed repair kit
Master cylinder and wheel cylinders

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