Friday, 16 November 2012

Traditional seat stick made ​​in England sent me by Mr. Inoue

Traditional seat stick made ​​in England sent me by Mr. Inoue

Sitting in the cockpit of a 1947 MG TC of Mr. Inoue at Vetro Montagna.
Fascinated by the Big Jaeger dials, it's British sporting tradition.

Always, I want to be that old cane like look nice.
And it want to be a natural formI was walking my ​​Pepe with a stick.
It is because of my yearningnot because painful to walk.                    

This year, I went to have my favorite stick of Vetro Montagna.
I feel that I have a stickand anyone old enough strange.
Many people prefer to be seen younger,
But, I want to be seen in aged that have been refined over years.
So, I was glad that it is not strange that I also have a stick.

Mr. Inoue, who participated in the1947 MG TC. was meet again this year.
With a smile he said, "I will send you a nice present" to me.
Last year, he gave me a wooden box of rare antique British (Link) 
to me.
He often went to the antique auction in Britain, 
and he knew the goods likely my favorite.

From the time I saw seat stick the first time in the race track in the UK,
I thought I did want to get older.
Therefore, I came to an age where I need it now.
I will enjoy a cigar while watching the Mt.Fuji sitting in this seat stick.

Mr. Inoue. Thank you so much

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