Sunday, 4 November 2012

Poor after the war, I did not know the sweetness of sugar, but Paganini knew.

Sundaycars and people are everywhere because of vacationers,
Forget walking my dog​​, I spent listening to music in the room.

Reminds me of my childhood listening to Paganini.
Sunday morningI went to the house of the teacher for violin lessons.

At the end of my lesson, the teacher was playing the Paganini.
Maybe the teacher probably did not endure the sound of my violin.

Era was poor after the war , I did not know the sweet sugar.
But I have been fascinated by the music of 78 rpm phonograph.

In 1953, the famous violinist Jacques Thibaud,
When he died in a plane crash in the Alps route visit to Japan.

Fascinated by the violin playing of LEONID KOGAN.
Nicolo Paganini Cantabile in D Major Op.17
and Sonata No.10 in A Minor Op.3

I like the Sonata No.10 in the video below,
To take a look at the handsome appearance of Kogan to play,
I put big videos Cantabile.

Recording is good, I want to hear the sound of the violin 
to raise the volume than usual.

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