Sunday, 31 March 2013

Handmade Smoking Pipe Stand : 3

The image of a pipe stand surf.
If I say that I leave the scalp is distorted and finish "Tezukune"
Will you feel like a traditional Japanese Raku pottery in earnest?
But I only made ​​easily cut corners because it troublesome.
I like the feeling tense porcelain sharper than pottery,
To match the pipe smoking feel like the temperature of a human
I was rustic only to finish shaped clay.

Silver line drawn in black texture,
Order to make the image sharpness, so too chubby and dullness
It is a decorative accent was placed.

In modern Japanese society amateur performance is recognized as art,
"It's my thread of nostalgia to live off the Seto Inland Sea"
If I speak plausiblywould be appreciated as an art ...
Ha ha ha

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