Saturday, 30 March 2013

My XK120 waiting for spring at the factory.

Photo and email from Mr. Sakuma has arrived.
French collector is like my XK120,
It is so strongly wants to buy it.
Introduce the photos he had taken good atmosphere.

     Mr Sakuma's mail:

     I'm sorry I was to sit on the seat without permission.

     It is a back view of. Hugues Mr French collector.
     10 minutes was sitting. It is a good guy.
     Since I go to play together if there is a chance,
     In that case,   thank you.

Look in the back of the photo Jaguar XJR15

My XK120 waiting for me at the factory of Grand Auto.
To C-type head with big valves and high compression ratio,
transshipped to a large carburetor works specification.
I asked and the setting in oversteer more radical,
Waiting to my test drive XK120 in order to better setting.

Signs of spring began to drift mountain Fuji.
Shoots of hyacinth has issued a face from between the fallen leaves.
Next week, I will go to the Grand Auto in Makuhari, Chiba.

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