Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Pipe stand by my sculpture: 2  "Life is just long, and only hope is large"

Night, I feel desperate to see this wrist in a dark room. 
The buffeted destiny such as being swallowed into a bottomless swamp,
Struggle out of the water and grab even a faint hope
Sad to 
look like the last wrist.

HoweverI like this time of the day.
Packing the tobacco in pipestruck a match ignited it.
It is a good time just to listen to the all movements of the concerto or symphony.
Familiar music is heard like different music.

I've tried to create a pipe stand,
But I wonder the effects of pipe smoking which causes things to think deeply,
It has become my own mental representation.

Pipe stand is easier because of the good,
Now, I'm making a new one.
The image of the rolling waves on the white sandy beaches,
of my home island.

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