Friday, 22 March 2013

65 years old in human years? Today is the birthday of my dog Pepe.

Pepe look pouty afraid the camera

March 22 is the birthday of 11-year-old My dog "Pepe".
This year, from the mother's "Airu-mama" of Kyoto (link)
Happy birthday presents to Pepe has arrived.
Phone number and contact name of the Pepe is carved Collar 

with a fancy concho,
And I was in the same outfit keychains.
Osaka's famous Tsuriganeya 
cookies nostalgic childhood,
It was served with a baked sponge cake in the shape of a bell.
Thank you very much, Airu-mama.

Years because Pepe and I
she was care for vagabondage and forgetfulness
It might be a presents?  ha ha ha

Immediately, I was taking pictures around the neck of Pepe,
Pepe afraid of the cameranot a good pose.
The birthday of fear because she's a pitiful
I'll release her to this extent.

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