Friday, 19 April 2013

Smoking, Smoking, Anyway, this world is absurd.

78 days have passed since I started to pipe smoking.
I had continued to smoke until sleep at night and wake up in the morning.
About 2000 g maths and you'll see that on a empty cans that I have to smoke.
MaybeI have to smoke nearly twice the normal smokers.

But with the leaves of tobacco with a pipe,
Aesthetics of the pipe as a craftand cultural history of smoking,
I learned to concentrate enough to write a research articles.

While representing the photoI was a little regret.
Expensive pipes their addition to tobacco can these.
The time beingI must live in the only smoke enduring rough food ...

I remember the old famous poem in Japan.
This poem represents the transience of Oriental feeling.

full of smoke in the sky
Anywaythis world is absurd
Do not come back in the past
everything is smoke.

And I think the same kind of poetry liked in my school days.
Famous Apollinaire "Mirabeau Bridge"

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