Friday, 12 April 2013

I must provide a single malt whisky "Taliskar" ha ha ha...

The locals say, "Here's a the human have no place to live."
Butsuch a beautiful princess Magnolia are blooming in the garden.
The winding mountain road no oncoming vehicle,
White petals falling down in the driver's seat and running slowly.
It's a place to live with open sports car.

1954 Jaguar XK120SE / Inline-6 DOHC 3,442cc Twin SU H8 Carburettors 

Jaguar XK120SE became Alpine Rally specification.
Engine carburetor replaced b
ig SU-H8 is beautiful,
I think to change enough in a transparent plastic hood.
Air cleaner because only net rough,
Pleasant sound is heard and intake throttle fueling.

Away with the other cars in the way,
There was no choice but to determine the acceleration performance,
Punch the throttle response at high rpm was sharp.
But because I got used to the acceleration of the Porsche of a different dimension,
Well, I just felt I screeds.
I tried to accelerate at 1000rpm 4 speed uphill always be tested,
Distinctive low revs torque XK engine had been restored.
I was worried it becomes difficult ride at low speeds, such as a city,
It is rather smoothperfect !
IndeedMr. Sakuma engine tuning is excellent.

He asked me whether oversteer better,
Stilldeep stroke of the brake pedal does not match after overhaul
I gave up and test the counter steer impossible.
For me to respond to requests on my test run,
Next week, he came to the foot of Mt Fuji for the setting again.
I feel became a professional racing driver !

By that timehis favorite Scotch whisky,
I must provide a single malt whisky "Taliskar".
ha ha ha.....

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