Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Pepe gums blood dyed red chunks of frozen snow.

I walk with my dog Pepe in the twilight time.
AlwaysPepe walked mouth big heavy lumps of frozen snow.
Pepe gums blood dyed red chunks of frozen snow.
Instinct when the mother carry puppy dog might wake up ?
Instinct when the hounds carry prey might wake up ?
Pepe is not released to cherish the snowpack until to get home.

The way of life of people like the beautiful, but it is sad....

It was published in 1919
Beautiful poem of "Moonlight and Pierrot" by Horiguchi Daigaku (link).
"When the twilight time is a good time"
While humming a favorite phrase of Section 3,
Every dayI walk with my dog ​​Pepe the snow-covered road.

The poetry of this beautiful Japanese,
For translating my poor English is impossible.
Howevertry to convey only a part of the atmosphere.

When the twilight time is a good time,
Infinitely gentle moments.

The melancholy of this eveningfrom where they come from?
It is not know anyone!
Oh! nobody, there is no one should have known nothing )
It increases the density with night,
Lead people to a deeper Fantasy ......

When the twilight time is a good time,
Infinitely gentle moments.

At dusk,
Nature has recommended the rest to the people.
The wind fell,
Sound disappears,
People can hear the breath of flowers
Until now, the blades of grass that had been in the wind
Quickly, it will be quiet,
Birds fill the head between the wings ......

When the twilight time is a good time,
Infinitely gentle moments.

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