Thursday, 24 January 2013

Is there a way to delicious, cheap cigars?

Old days, a cigar jar with a lid with a cork made ​​of pottery
I remember that was brought back, taking care not to break to buy in the UK.
Although I think somewhere in the home of Tokyo,
In this mountain hut is using a sealed jar and pickled pickles substitute.
During the day, is for a cheap cigar that I smoke about four.

Though this countryit was being sold in a supermarket
And jars of "Sifacile" made ​​in France Luminarc,
Glass jars of "Fido" made ​​in Italy Bormioli Rocco.
I am able to check the status of the wrapper to put a hygrometer,
I like the form and mechanical fittings.

I will use for storing and aging wine cellar of 19 ℃ / 70% humidity,
For everydayI have put in a hot cabinet is set to 20 degrees this jar.
After all, this area will be below freezing morning cold indoors.
Large wooden humidor maintain the optimum temperature is not useless.
So, I used for drying in high humidity during the rainy season.

From experiencein order to change to a more delicious smoke cheap cigars,
Put into a glass jar of taste humidity over a week is best.
Moreover, the jar is better to divide each brand is good.
It is because they interact towards each cigar is bad.
That said, even a cigar wrapped in leaves that have fallen to around
Often thinkof becoming the smoke of this degree...

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