Thursday, 24 January 2013

Long time ago cigar was wrapped in women's thighs.

Long time ago cigar was wrapped in women's thighs.
It's reasonable because its ideal elasticity to wrapped a cigar,
I've heard that.
I knew when I saw this poster, and I think that was the fact the story.
What a romantic and sexy poster !
 I would also feel very sadness.

The photo's in the motif of Perdomo posterthe history of the cigars,
Fascinated the men of the world tell the atmosphere of their cigars.

Howevercigars age was thus wrapped,
Powers had been dominated by the colonial hegemony.
Society was a feudal society with a large gap between the rich and the poor.
Poor women had harsh forced labor.

And. the 21st centuryit is still going on today.
World, have not changed even now full of absurd.
Civilization has brought affluence to the world.
In developed countries, as it is in the cultural life has become,
Gap layer of ordinary people and 99% of the 1% wealthy are more spread.
Poverty in developing countriesstill ongoing not change anything.
Terrorism is unforgivablewhyterrorism tragic would happen,
I can not help but think of the background.

Perdomo cigars has defected from the Cuban Revolution
Perdomo family company home was raise up in Nicaragua
Tabacarera Perdomo (link) it is.
Full-bodied cigars is top quality mannish image.
Come and I'd like to taste once.

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