Saturday, 26 January 2013

The original "BEES" bolts which are very rare indeed

Photo of the bolt has been sent from Mr. Sakuma of Grand Auto.
He wrote that "it is good looking",
It is the timing chain cover bolt of my XK120.

What is good lookingbut I do not know,
"So BEES, What engraving of Mark Bee"
His voice can be heard from the Skype phone.

He is an artist with a delicate sensibility, not a car mechanic.
In the factory, such as high ceilings and spacious studio of sculptor,
He polished off the deep end this small old bolts.

I have searched the UK site to know the bolt of BEES.
And I was very satisfied.
In the article of the XK140 Restoration
"Very rare original 
BEES bolts is used"
I did find a place to say.

"The vast majority of the bolts we are removing are
the original "BEES" bolts which are very rare indeed."

XK120 was mounting the carburetor H8 of 2 inches.
I was asked to polish the intake manifold,
It is also unbalance must polish C-type cam cover.
Because I was in the SU-H8 the carburetor,
I'm wondering whether the screen will change to racing.
Wheel cylinder has been overhauled

Brake shoe was re-covering.

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