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Laguiole knife. I pray with Pepe to cross was hit with tack to the hilt

BEES bolts of bee that is used to mark the old British cars.
I think it is like having a relationship with the village of Laguiole France.
Blacksmith from the village is famous for its knives Laguiole bee mark
I think like a successful company was established across the UK ...
Iron products bee markI would like that to imagine.

A few centuries ago, it was a poor village, Laguiole is just chasing cattle and sheep.
Young people became heavy lifting water to sell to earn money to go to Paris.
Father to son worried about life in the city is often dangerous to leave Paris,
I said that to have a knife that was built in the village say protect yourself.
Story to cry, but it is said to have been originated in the Laguiole knife.
Currently, the contractors who are eating and drinking in Paris from the village of Laguiole,
Most likely a descendant of the family at the end of a successful effort.

A common feature of Laguiole knives,
Is that it has a decoration of "Bee" in the spring.
When the Emperor Napoleon visited this village,
The villagers were presented the knife proud to welcome.
Much pleased Napoleon, he was attached to the cloak
Villagers bestowed the "Royal Bee" of the symbol.
Since then, the bee has become a symbol of the Laguiole.

In addition, the pattern that has been carved into the back 
of the handle Laguiole crest blacksmith.
It is a sign that you know how that made blacksmith.

Decorative inlay that attaches to the center of the handle,
And has been called "shepherd's cross" and "crucifix of three priests."
Once upon a timein the evening, the shepherd of Laguiole to work in the fields,
They were stand on the ground and prayed this knife.

I have was purchased in France attracted to stories like this.
The knife carved into the face of pure silver dog Fontenill-Pattaud Gill.
Bee has a sculpture on the back of this knife.
Face like a Saint Bernard dog would rescue dog in the Alps.
Irish Setter is not there, but unfortunately,
Every eveningthe cross that struck tack to the handleI pray with Pepe.

Knife & fork set of French restaurant known name,
And Garcons is a favorite sommelier knife.
Bees are marked to show the Laguiole is made ​​to them.

Because I can not make elaborate dishes,
Knife & fork set not only cheap to my lodge.
But, using a cigar cutter bee Laguiole be marked.

40 years agoI bought this cigar cutter Davidoff shop in Hong Kong.
The clerk explained that this form is to have an image of a woman's legs.
And this cigar cutter of Forge de Laguiole has a great sharpness still. 
This is the smoke pattern modeling of white ivory and black buffalo horns,
Prohibited items exported wildlife protection law.
Currently, we can not get it.

And differences from that detailed in the link above. I recommend you read.
Because of the Laguiole knife has become world famous products,
Claiming and also in the town of Laguiole Thiers 160 km away
Make the same kind of knifehas evolved into original strife.
SCIP's sommelier knife marked with the name of the famous sommelier in Japan
The high popularity of Chateau Laguiole,
But, knowing the originalthat evaluation you may change.

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