Thursday, 31 January 2013

SOMMER Pipe, and the letter from Portugal.

RecentlyI think I would like to start a pipe tobacco.
College days, I have been tryed to buy a BBB pipe and tools.
Making a carbon conical chamber to solve the cube sugar in brandy,
I've tried are taught from friend.  But, I did not make carbon.
I stopped nicotine juice and brandy will be unpleasant.

However, not only aromatic pipe tobacco,
Enjoy and feel at the same time structure pipe itself has handicraft form.

There are many kinds of pipeI have enjoyed looking into it.
I felt it in the mail from Portugal....

From Portugal, I received an letter about this blog.
He has written music and car hobby is the same as me,

and he is enjoying cigars and pipe collection.

In the first email, he introduced me to a great book to me.
"Bath Robes and Bachelors" by Arthur Gray Is a famous book of British.
(authors speak on wine, fine dinner, a pipe, a razor, slippers, dinner jacket, etc.)

Received this time letterhe wrote as follows to attach the photos.
"I would like to share with you a gift from the man who restore my pipes.

The man that restore my pipes is a dear and old friend (he is now eighty years old) 
who also carves his own pipes." 
This dog pipe holderHearty gift from his old friend...

Great pipe holder.  In additionthis pipe is amazing !
This is a rare pipe "SOMMER" pipe shop in Paris.
At first, 
I did not know the meaning of the Sommer written in his letter.
Looking around the site overseas, it was found.
The pipe collector is old Sommer is a coveted item.
And, This pipe has a gold band and it was one of the highest grades !

His 5-year-old son says. "Dad, Look at the dog, it's so cute !"
And he had written at the end this letter,
"It reminds me your dog, Pepe​​....."

I was able to have as a very wonderful friend of Portugal.
When I was youngI lived in a fishing village in Portugal that was a dream.
In the end, I ended up with a dream come true that it does not,
But now, His letter let me fly to Portugal in my mind. .

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