Sunday, 3 February 2013

I had imagine Irish craftsmen are making a pipe in an old-fashioned way.

I put a pipe sculpture is my work when I lost my dog Donna before.
Was the same as Pepe beautiful Irish Setter.

I also enjoy pipe and cigar like a friend in Portugal,
Every dayI was surprised to have to find a pipe for beginners.
In Japan, there is the many pipe aficionados.
Moreoverthey are talking about the pipe like a critic.
Anythingis the nature of the unique Japanese cling to tackle first ...

Massive curved pipe like Sherlock Holmes,
In an atmosphere of I lost to pipe.
Is a beginnera small billiard type looks good.
The pipe photo, I chose the visual taste and price.

In honor of Irish setter Pepe homein Ireland,
So, I chose to "Peterson 264" Irish product.
Brier has long straight shankthe ring of sterling silver,
Decorate a slender shapeI like it.
This classic shapeand I've learned is called Canadian.
It was named from the shape of the pipe with the Canadian lumberjack.

I think less then Brier longdifficult processing technology
Long shank has an effect, I examined why.
Precisely because long shankmild smoking was born, are written
and would like some subtle differences.
Pulsation flow and by the length and the inner diameter of the engine manifold,
I think in the same way as to influence the performance.

Came to mind, the sole agent of Japan written in the box.
I have looked on the net of the United Kingdom and the United States,
Petersonthe national color of Ireland green box is used.
For transportation costsan importer would build the box in Japan.

In the photo, Japanese box, outer lid red, golden body. It's making more polite.
It may be made aware of the Japanese market like excess packaging.
Of national color of Ireland in the box because it may be poor

I would want a green boxed.
Because I think the choice of my dog Pepe Irish blood flows.
The appearance that old Irish craftsmen build a pipe in an old-fashioned way
Because I choose to imagine Peterson pipes.

Peterson of Dublin
Making of a pipe DVD (link)

In additionI have learned a lot and are investigating.
There are four types in this shapethere is name to each.
Canadian / Lumberman / Liverpool / Lovat
Long straight shank is the same,
Cross section shankoval 
shankround shank,
Mouthpiecetapered stemsaddle stemThe name is different.
Would laugh veteran pipe enthusiasts,
But, I enjoy examining such things.
I feltPipe that requires a tool that is likely to back depth than the cigar.

Pipe leaves have chosen in the package just like the wine.
Biplane, Classic car, Dog, Chess
etc.that I've ordered,
Taste because I do not knowI've focused on name and design.
And I feltbeautiful package is often out of stock.
After all, it would be chosen in the quality of the package ...

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