Thursday, 7 February 2013

Rotation and Break in the New Pipe

Pipe tobacco has been delivered. And, Peterson pipe pouch soft sheepskin.
I was happy because it was green boxed Peterson.
2011 Peterson Special Reserve / 1864 W.O.Larsen. 
It is regrettable that feel as attractive as the open. 
"Old Dog" and great car "Ragonda" was disappointed in the like dog food cans.

think the half-century-old out I thought I wishing to start in pipe.
Around 1960, I had a hard time without information like current.
Method of cube sugar and brandy during break in had said the senior,
I know people who do use the honey is still there,
Like it was not a difference between that. At that time I had to give up ...
"Rome was not built in a day," I remembered the words of the senior said.
Now, confused a lot of information on the internet too.
Well, break in new pipe will enjoy with patience.

How To Break In Peterson Pipes
Peterson Pipe Removing Stain
Peterson Pipe Drying
Peterson Years of Enjoyment

From my long experience in the cigars,
Many parts of it cigars and pipe smoking are common techniques,
I bought the Irish Army for practice that seems to withstand the abuse.
Because I want to try the juice reservoir system also Peterson.
For a short smoke also bought tankard good shape.
I'm scheduled to be delivered tomorrow morning.
When you go out, because the cigarsI do not smoke a pipe in a room only,
I also bought a sheepskin pouch contrast of cool green of Peterson.

Around 1960I longed to see in "Esquire" magazine
Dunhill "7 Day Pipe Set"

I attached to the rotation of the pipe,
1960sI saw the Ad. in "Esquire" magazine that had arrived by sea . 
in two months lag from US.
I was reminded of Dunhill "7Day Pipe Set".
In Petersonthis feeling is the rotation of my ideal.
I align seven pipes like each day of the week I decided,
I think I try to modification the 7day pipe set the cigars humidor.

However, after one use, the pipe is there really need to rest for a week?
1 hour to coolA day to dryI think it is sufficient in.
Pipe that is used carefully with a passion for the aged.
I know the book well pipe with long time and will be delicious.
Enthusiast owned dozens of pipes for collecting and practicalI know.
Each dedicated pipe tobaccobecause of the rotation.
I am not going to have a lot of pipe as such.
Pipe like atmosphere to go with because I have decided,
All pipe will be the same shape.
In additionbecause the personality that I overuse the tools that I like,
I might use it on a daily basis beloved pipe.

It's a feeling it is my favorite tool to cherish.
I felt like I aged my own favorite pipe.
When I tried to open the lid of the can a little 2011 Peterson Special Reserve,
Filled with elegance aroma drifted around, has decided to let me.

Are written in detail about the rotation
Is being studied with reference to overseas sites.

How Many Pipes Should Be In Your Rotation?
How often do you smoke?
What type of tobacco do you smoke?
Does your smoking style lend itself more towards ending up
with a somewhat dry or wet pipe?
Do you smoke the same tobacco all day?

Pipe that I had to think of the cigar auxiliary,
Now, is keen to pipe than a cigar.

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