Friday, 8 February 2013

Perfect Typography. Simple and Classic Shaped .

W.O. LARSEN 1864 Pipe Tobacco
W.O.Larsen was established in 1864 
by Wilhelm Ockenholt Larsen in the heart of Copenhagen. Denmark.
Since then the W.O. Larsen family has been acknowledged for 
offering the ultimate luxury in pipe tobacco.

1864 is in honor of the founder of Rarusen 1864.
Founding era. It has been described as a reprint of the blend was popular.
While watching this refined tobacco can,

In 1960, I was studying graphic design.
I remember great Herb Lubalin typography.(link)
In this manner, beautiful font selection, typesetting which is calculated.
It can not only Westerners who grew up in the Roman alphabet.

If tobacco can of this beautiful design,
Than the flavor of the tobacco, I want this can.

Peterson Pipe TANKARD
"Tankard" Peterson specialties.
Setter type that has been inspired by the mug when you drink a pint of Guinness.

Shaped the image of a mug to drink a pint of Guinness.
But a very small pipeI was fascinated by this classic rustic shaped.
When Pepe and I will walk in the woods, in my pocket,
I'm want to enjoy the time.

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