Sunday, 10 February 2013

Pipe suitable for great car "Ragonda", it is Black Dress.

How many days have passed since I started the pipe?
Are crazy about smoke a pipe from morning till night.
I think that is enough Latakia flavor Hamburg steak dinner,
The smell of pipe tobacco are drifting around my nose.
My pipewhat looks like jerky in the eyes of Pepe?
Or smell of Latakia to stimulate the appetite of Pepe?
Requests the jerky to me profusely.
Pipe is a beginner just starting a few days ago.

Yetit is used to damper the AA battery.
But, its size is really easy to use.

Canadian silver winding of likedI bought two the same pipe.
I practiced with the Irish Army Pipe that I bought for practice.
And I learned how good stuffing leaves, and use of the damper.
I thought Irish Army Pipe for practice and may break,
This pipe is very light and easy to use tough.
I did not like clunky inlet mouthpiece, and now it looks cute.

Challenged when I was young
Classic Car Rally in Australia
1934 Lagonda M45 fought together

Today, G. L. Tobacco Pease "Old London Series"
I was impressed to taste the tobacco great car "Ragonda" was drawn.
There was also delicious "Squadron Leader" and "Old Dog",
It's what's deliciousI can not escape from this fragrance again.
Ragonda drawn cans won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1935
Legendary "1935 Lagonda Rapide M45R".
Incense blend that has been a great car for Ragonda this proud,
Red Virginia ripened and produced superb Cyprus Latakia,
Long-term maturing in a blend of top quality further mellow Orient.
It has been described and can cut the ribbon slightly wider.
I do not understand the meaning of this,
More images because spellbound Ragonda join the fragrance.

Irish Setter dogIrish whiskey liquor.
So, the pipe is determined to Peterson Irish,
I was going to align the rotation of week seven.
But I'll be worthy of a great car Ragonda seem to Dunhill.
And I wanted to buy one pipe only exception.
Dunhill pipes are treated specially even on the internet.

Class society in the UKworker can smoke pipe without the both hands
It is written in the book and popular among the working class.
Respect for history in the UKless history of Dunhill pipe.
Dunhill shop in London 30 years ago, they
had put the Japanese clerk
for Japanese customers.
In this way, I do not like the merchant to do anything to sell.
Everyone would have to ride like Mercedes-Benz,
And probably from a Japanese brand consciousnessI have shunned.
HoweverI feel an aura of high-quality photos of Dunhill pipe.
Dunhill pipes chic design,
Majesty of the British Empire won the seven seas 

are flowing and unbroken.

In the world of cigarsthe Davidoff worship analogy Rolls-Royce.
Howeverin the world of the pipe Davidoff is common.
It shows pipe enthusiasts that it has knowledge with an eye right choice.
Certainly, there are many great writers and scholars 

to the famous pipe enthusiast.

I want to smoke the Ragonda with dunhill pipe.
Dunhill pipe found at the site of the UK.
It is a little black dress Gr.2 wound with silver ring.
Fascinated by the delicate pipes wearing a black dress.

If I can stop the 2 Cohiba boxes, I can buy it.
I have finished to smoke that 200 cigars are aged now,
expensive cigar stopI may be just an economic pipe smoking.
And so onwhisper of temptation of the devil can hear.

Howeverafter many yearsI would enjoy pipe smoking ...

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