Monday, 11 February 2013

"SQUADRON READER", I decided on my daily tobacco.

1930's vintage cans
The current can

I was smoking "SQUADRON LEADER" while reading a book of old airplane.
The meaning of "Squadron Reader" is a major of the Royal Air Force.
In 1914this tobacco was born to devote to the Royal Air Force officers and soldiers.
And it is a historic brand that has been built and continue endlessly today.
Biplane fighter that has been drawn to this tobacco cans,
Sopwith Camel fighter was shot down to record the highest number in the First World War.
Was called Camel has been outfitted cockpit before bulge of the cover 

that is covering the machine gun because it was like a camel's back.

It was a poor time since I came out to Tokyo to be disinherited parent,
Cheap apartment in ChofuI consoled myself by making the plastic model.
Sopwith Camel 1/48 plastic model of the Level company.
Let me dream to me this Sopwith Camel biplane flying like a bird the sky.
This tobacco make memories to me when I was poor.
So, smoke gets in my eyes ...

"Squadron Reader"
I decided on my daily tobacco. 

Level Plastic model "Sopwith Camel 1/48

The First World War only the aristocracy became an airplane pilot.
Still full of chivalry battle unfolded.
The Fokker Dr1 
to steer  the famous German Ace Red Baron (Richthofen)
was shot down Sopwith Camel steer the Captain Brown
of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Movie "Blue Max" (link) that depicts the aerial combat of this era
It is a hommage to the spirit of chivalry.
Anymoremodern men have forgotten,
"What is pride, What is honor"
And, it speaks the aesthetics of the samurai.

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