Friday, 15 February 2013

Pipe tobacco recipe revived in the early 20th century.

Tobacco by C.E. McConnell that the Titanic has been drawn to old-fashioned design.
It is named "Cruise Line"
Taste is explained that by the early 20th century recipes C.E. McConnell.
In 1848
C.E. McConnell company was founded.
Thenthey were popular has launched this "Cruise Line".
But, C.E. McConnell will be closed with the times,
Now, German Planta to faithfully reproduce the recipes of C.E. McConnell.
Taste the same as tobacco smoking men had been on the deck 
of luxury cruise ship.
What kind of taste, I'll be thrilled.

Holland America Line Centennial book entitled "A Bridge to the Seven Seas".
I looked at the book while smoking the tobacco "Cruise Line",
I thought the a luxury cruise ship of a bygone era.

I've wanted a square can be ordered the same as at the time,
I received the design has changed or was round cans.
Although I was a little disappointednot to miss the aroma and hermeticity,
Might have been changed to round cans from constraints such as production cost.
Immediately, it was expected I tried to taste.
It is like coming froufrou heard faintly from somewhere
It was filled with elegance and delicate flavor.

W.O. Larsen was established in 1864.
I felt revived the recipe of the day as well "W.O. Larsen 1864",
I smoke pipe tobacco revive these old recipes,
When I was child, I remember the fragrance felt from my mother

and grandmother's japanese Kimono. 
Then, gently reassure me....

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