Saturday, 16 February 2013

The pipe is clogged full the meaning of life. "Old Dog"

"Sit back comfortably to ponder the meaning of life
 with Old Dog as your companion. "

McClelland "Old Dog" of "They're Back! ..." Series (link)
It is they advertisement sentence written description of this tobacco.

In this sentencethere is all that is required for pipe smoking men.
I'm still not less than one month to start pipe smoking.
However, in this meaningful sentence,
Was obtained a deep understanding of the true meaning of pipe smoking has.

Companies use advertising philosophical statements such exists,
I envy the country in which it is normally valid.

Pipe handling and cumbersomewarmth and texture of the pipe.
While following whereabouts of fragrance wafting gently around,
Days gone by will appear, disappear like smoke.
Good time I feel contented and quiet ...

Terrace of the hut buried in snow,
Is being reflected in the warm sunlight of 
white winter snow.
Pepe and me watching the snow shining bright,
Even today, enjoying the smoke of the pipe ...

I just started the pipe, this tobacco "Old Dog" 
It was completely captivated continue to smoke from morning till night.
My dog Pepe is sensitive to smell,
React intensely mouthwatering fragrance in Latakia.

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