Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Pipe shape called great "Bing Crosby"

What kind of shape or pipe would look good to me,
It is a day by day and surfing the hut was closed by snow.
And I've met very slender beauty.

"Shell Briar with Silver Band 4110 Gr.4".
17 cm length of shank and stem with long straight stretch!
I measure with a ruler or further away from the mouthIt better.
It is also my favorite silver ring and bowl top which is inclined to the inside.

Even rough sandblast finish I did not like,
This is "It is chic", I invite me.

Like when I was youngwalking Jermyn Street in London,
I had wanted to buy a pipe dream dress black longing Gr.3.
But give 
home delivery will deliver tomorrow if this pipe.
Mouse clicks on the column order confirmation involuntarily.

I was very pleased with the elegance of 4110 that have been delivered.
And I felt, This is a pipe that will care giving the last day of me.

I tried to read the instruction manual that is not typically try to use carefully read,
Are written in the following manner. It is true that the story of honey.
Great care should be taken to avoid overheating the bowl 

until a protective carbon layer of 1.0mm to 1.5mm has formed. 
"A little honey applied around the tobacco bore can speed carbon formation. "

In additioncare must be taken in the new pipe smoking in outdoor windy,
Cause scorch the ball too much air enters.
Immediately, I was excited to try to use walking with Pepe,
For some time I have to put up ...

Elongated "Shell Briar with Silver Band 4110" is
In a foreign country is known as Bing Crosby shape.
Search with Bing Crosby was in shape overseas sites,
Crosby photos with this pipe shape is full.
Young people, but would not you know,
My generation everyone knows Bing Crosby.
It is a great singer who sings White Christmas.

And I thought it was a pipes while watching a movie star at the time.
Those days of straight pipes is probably was fashionable.
So, It's a straight-shape is also my favorite ...

Duet of Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly.
Crosby's song voice, hear from around 60 seconds.

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