Monday, 25 February 2013

Beautifully expressed with "listening", the manner in which the "incense" of Japan.

The flame of the match is the flashpoint of best for pipe.
The flame of the match is better than no matter how expensive lighter.
Because I do not want to burn a new ball top of the pipe
Tobacco shop to buy tobacco leaf is put in the service give
when I used the match,
I was reminded that emotion and convenience.

I like the feel of the hand when I struck a match.
I like to go look at the axis of the wood burning slowly like a candle,
I like moment put out the fire with a hand shake.
An act calm and leisurely enjoy the smell smoke in the pipe,
Sensitive to awaken me thinking circuits.

Fun of smell to burn incense in the incense burners of Japan,
Are expressed as "Monkou" in the sense that hear and taste the flavor.
Also referred to as "Soradaki" indirect heat added some,
such as the old way has been done since the Heian period,
It is a literary representation gracefully.
Admire the artistic beauty of the tongs and the incense burners and Equipment.
It is resembles to pipe smoking.
Love the pipe while it is beautiful crafts,
Enjoy the scent delicate flavor is the same.

kazasu Ohgi ni takisomesi Sorada kimono no honobonoto        Yugao
Soradaki no Kou  Ito Kokoro nikuku Kaori ide                               Wakamurasaki

To equated with cigarette smoking just convenient and reasonable,
In Fukushima nuclear accident, not screaming in radioactivity being released yet,
I hated the social harm of smoking screaming.

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