Sunday, 20 January 2013

Wine, I always choose by label (etiquette) design wine.

Aves del Sur, is our tribute to all the bird species
that live in the southern areas of our country,
that fly through our vineyards, and that represent
the southern spirit of the world with a young,
fresh and generous style.

Are written to the company philosophyIt is wonderful!
Winery in Chile This historic,
Established in 1825Has been in the family over seven generations.

I want to collect all the bottles of this picture of birds
"Aves del Sur" 
 (Link) was examined
There are eight different red and white suit I found.
Ultimate gourmetIt is referred to as Chile food and 
Chile wine.
But I'm more important than the taste of the label.

In Japan, the picture of this bird is preferred.
But, the words that have been written statement that advertising in Japan,
"Cospa best Chile wine super 21st century!"
What COSPA wine?
I knew examine the abbreviation for "cost performance".
I think lowering the product image and abbreviations used in the advertising.
Wine with a great idea, they just seem to cheap wine.

"SumahoKondejiCospa, and 
etc..." frivolous and thoughtless.
( Smartphone, Compact digital camera, Cost performance )
Bitterly lament the flood of abbreviations.

from the left of the photo:
Reserva-Chardonnay (French Oak Barrel : 9 months)
Varietal-Chadonnay (French Oak Barrel : 8 months)
Varietal-Sauvignon Blanc (Aging Potential : 4 years)
Varietal-Cabernet Sauvignon (Aging Potential: 8 years)
Varietal-Carmenere (Aging Potential : 4 years)
Varietal-Merlot (aging Potential : 8 years)
Varietal-Cabernet Sauvignon (French Oak Barrel : 10 months)
Reserva- Carmenere ( French Oak Barrel : 8 months) 

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