Thursday, 17 January 2013

Cigar "Cuaba Generosos" and song "All My Trials"

Like the smell of Havana cigars "Cuaba",
I received a comment from Mr. NabeshimaI was happy.
While he smoking a Cuaba Generosos cigar,
with Harry Belafonte has sung at the Carnegie Hall in 1959
He has written and listened to "All My Trials".

I also listened to "All My Trials" at the address he written me.
At that timeThis song was popular in the world of many singers sing.
But song of Harry Belafonte was the first time.
And I knew the first time this song has a deep meaning.

   All My Trials, Lord, soon be over
   Too late my brothers, too late
   But never mind
   All my trials, Load, soon be over 

In addition, 
"the cigar to fits single malt that frigid night"
He has written and recommend Cuaba-Generosos cigar.
It was felt his warm words of encouragement to me.

Features Cuaba cigar was released in 1996,
Have been favored in the United Kingdom in the early 20th century
Is a distinctive cigar shape Exquisto both ends pointed.
Cuaba name of, the indigenous Taino tribe of Cuba,
Torches at night light of religious ceremony, and the stove spark
Native shrub called the burning Cuaba well that is used as the origin of the name.
Mr. Nabeshimabut only those who do not know in the comments of this blog,
He put the name of the cigarthe meaning of "Spend a warm winter ! "
It's a joke of his stylish ...
I will go to order endure this frigid winter.

Harry Belafonte 
(Links to English characters, so I can not embed)
This song was born from social protests of the 1950s
In the folk songsung by Joan Baez.
Tell a story to comfort children on the side of the mother's deathbed
Lullaby of the Bahamas is in the base.

   All My Trials, Lord, soon be over
   Too late my brothers, too late
   But never mind
   All my trials, Load, soon be over 

Phrase that is repeated and is close to the chest ...

The late 1950sHarry Belafonte visited Japan.
Calypso "banana boat" was popular in the explosion in Japan.
Black shirt and black pantsBrilliance of the gold belt and buckle
It left a lasting impression on me intensely.

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