Monday, 7 January 2013

Portugal wine "HERDADE do PESO", this label invited to my nostalgia.

AlwaysI would choose the wine in the label design.
Wine fanatics called "etiquette" in French smugly.

Photo, the label of Portugal wine "HERDADE do PESO".
I liked at one view.
Because I remembered the cinema title back to 
Francoise Sagans novel "Bonjuour Tristesse"(link)
designed by great Saul Bass (link). 
He was my teacher in graphic design.

When I was young, I live in a fishing village in Portugal was my dream.
So, but I like Portuguese fado and wine.

Now, Portuguese wine has attracted attention in Japan.
Was originallyEuropeans who first set foot in Japan were Portuguese.
Ancestral Tanegashima gun in 1543
Jesuit missionaries came to Japan in 1549.
In addition, the wine was introduced by them.

To me, Herddade this wine was too dry.
And it is high price that I bought ten drink wine usually.
Howeverthis “Bonjuour Tristesse" label invited me to nostalgia.
Definitely this dry wine would be the highest level in the world.
It is very spicy wine made ​​from grapes that were exposed 
to the full light of the sun in the south of Portugal.
But, the alcohol content from drinking too much attention to me 
and a very high 14.5%.

Will hear plaintive sound of the Portuguese guitar...

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