Thursday, 10 January 2013

Havana and Manila cigar boxes of half a century old.

This is the old boxes I got from my uncle was the ship’s doctor of N.Y.K.
It is the empty box of cigars in the early 1960s.
My uncle told me often the story of the pre-war era was a brilliant luxury liner.
When I saw the movie "The Legend of 1900"(link),

That way of life of the ship's doctor uncle who continued to die without getting off the ship,
I was able to understand to me also overlap with the pianist of the movie.

When I look in the eyes of these boxes as cigar lovers,
His dandy appearance comes through from my uncle's favorite cigar ...

H.UPMANN 25 Paneters Box

Currently, there is no panetelas the range of H.Upmann​​.
It's a little like a long cigar than Corona Junior (114 x 14.29mm).
The length of the cigar can be  deduced from 126mm inside of the box.

Dimensions of the outer box is 135 x 187mm.

I have investigated Panetelas of H.UPMANN,
Not only record 
very rare El Prado(1960 ~ 1980).
Howeverdoes not match the internal dimensions of the box 126mm in length.
Cuban Revolution. Break diplomatic relations with the United States.
Cuba was a tumultuous time.
Because It may not have been left to record.
H.Upmann Peti Coronas that President Kennedy has been smokers,
Perhaps had entered the box, just like this one.
If so, this is an empty box and say invaluable.
"Belvederes" More and size (39 x 125mm) machine made,
Is considered "Petit Palatinos" as well (36 x 115mm) hand made,

In any caseI think it was a daily cigar my uncle.

The difference between the current boxoval seal with the side attached.
Warranty Seal pale green without perforations (182mm x 62.9mm).
This seal is around 1962 I thinkBox Stamp: length is 69mm. 

The wear of the stampE / A of HECHO have collapsed.
COLORADO CELLOPHANE character rubber stamp,
Wrapper Shade mean Colorado Claro, the cellophane wrapping.

La Flor de la ISABERA Extra Mild

This is a very rare box of Isabera by Tabacalera in the 1950s
Now, there are no cigars this ISABERLA name called
"ISABERA" is the original brand La Flor de la Isabera company has released
Tabakarera is the parent company.
PerhapsTabakarera of the time 
when Prime Minister Churchill 
and General MacArthur had been smoked
It would be the same box of those days.
Outline of the box 160 x 210 x 38 mm. Corona is a box of 25.
The size is different from the box of the current Corona.

The sound is referred to as the Manila Cigar those days,
To the far tropical romanticism was drifting ...

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