Saturday, 12 January 2013

Will call me good luck, "owl" in Rene Lalique?

Glass in the picture above is not a shot glass.
It is empty of cup for cup cheese cake
In this cupI'm drinking straight whiskey at night.
Currently, it is my shot glass.

In a cigar bar that uses only Baccarat and Bohemian Glass,
I asked with a shot glass to the master of the bar.
He said, "Riedel sommeliers whisky tasting glass is the best".
And I find the empty glass of this cheesecake.
Glass top narrowed like a tulip does not release the fragrance.
I thought that smell would rise up and shake a little.
Howeverthe drink is too lonely in this empty glass.
Right nowI'm looking for and want whiskey decanter set.

ChildishPorsche marks are located.
But, when the Porsche lovers have visited can be used joke.

Designed by Gorham "Lady Anne".
Modeling is full of elegance reminiscent of the perfume bottle.
Howeverthe glass has not been set.
There is a need to adjust the cut glass of the same kind.

Czech Bohemian Art Deco decanter set is very rare.
Antique 1930s. Is this a collectible item?

After all, England is the home of whiskey.
Indeedmannish decanter is full.
Lion symbol of the United KingdomCeltic design of sacred stag.
Then, the pattern of wild horses that ran the field.
Classic atmosphere is good. And there is an oriental atmosphere.

Lalique masterpieceBaccarat made ​​by mouse blow technique.
Rene Lalique's favorite motif is the "Owl Woods" good luck.

It is a legend that has been handed down through the ages in France.
Art NouveauIt is a excellent piece that I was fascinated.

But, this soft modeling may be not perfect match to the whiskey.

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