Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Flor del Todo #4 Especial Maduro. Even now, I remember like my first love.

Flor del Todo no.4 especial maduro
Size: 5.5 x 45  shape: Corona  Strength: Medium
This is a classic "Cuban sandwich" cigar
by Rolando Reyes Sr. (link)

Famous brand. High rating. High prices. High popularity.
Good or bad cigar is not decided by these things.
It's decided by the emotions of like when a fall in love.

When I started smoking cigars on daily basis,

I had to smoke the corona size cigars of five per day.
Want cheap cigar Cuba or Dominican men have smoked daily,
I had been imported from the US and from Spain.

And, I met cheap cigar "Flor del Todo" of Honduras.

"Flor del Todo" means flowers in full bloom.
I was fascinated by "Flor del Todo #4 Especial Maduro".
Although it has been sophisticated looks,
was filled with sweet aroma and creamy taste that will captivate.
It was like the honey of blooming Cattleya in Honduras.

Even now, I remember like my first love.
Once again, I'm thinking of buying it to see her.

I tried to buy around the same time as

"Cu-Avana Belicoso" and "Morro Castle Corona".
I felt interested in Morro Castle lighthouse in Havana.
Only the ring and box of them, not in my memory.

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