Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Pepe's Cafe in the forest.

Pepe's Cafe in the forest.
Have not only put instant coffee and cheap wine in this cafe.
Only when friends visitedI'll put the coffee delicious specially.
Using DolceGusto of Nescafe was a gift from Mr. Natsuki.
ButHavana cigars and single malt whiskey is hidden for the night.

The music is full, the singing of the little birds and the bees wingbeat.
Until dark, I have stay here with Pepe.

Just enough for me now. I don't want any more.
But, If I wish something else,
It would be no other than the love of elegant lady.



  1. mr keiji ,
    what a lovely photograph of pepe and you.
    pepe was thinking what are you doing your fanny act in her mind.
    i am so enjoyed your picture and i knew your happy life.

    1. Dear Madam,

      Thank you for your nice comment.
      You have to use a computer well. Do not worry.
      Without even talking to people, every day I just said Pepe.
      Boredom might mean happy.