Saturday, 22 September 2012

Car mechanic's eye is more than Photographer's eye

Reference to the level of finish of the SU carburetor overhaul,
Photos was sent to me from Mr.Sakuma of Grand Auto.
I was impressed by the sense of his art.
Mr. Sakuma is an excellent mechanic,
And he has good sense as a photographer.
Perspective and composition is really great.
Because he know perfectly the engine mechanism,
He is able to shoot in such a unique angle and composition.
Car mechanic's eye is more than Photographer's eye.

Photo of Aston Martin DB6 in the maintenance Mr.Sakuma has sent me.
HD8 SU carburetor and the intake manifold 
 that has been polished to perfection.

Racing option H8 SU carburetor for Jaguar C-type.
There is a punch in the high rpm range for racing,
usually would be difficult to ride.
But I will mount to get more than overtaking acceleration.

Yesterday, I received an email from Mr.Sakuma.
”The image of the finish, is it shiny
 or, Is it taste of embezzled?
 Reference photo is DB6, what do you want to finish?”

More power 
!  More cool !
I want to tune up the engine of the XK120,
Changed to 1-3/4 inch HD6s 
SU carburetor for street,
To mount the 2 inch H8 SU carburetor of racing option.
I ordered overhaul of the H8 SU carb that I used in the past
to Mr. Sakuma of Grand Auto.
Wish that, because I want to get back with the same passion 
when I was young.

I have a dream to challenge the Peking-Paris,
Never exhibited at the Concours d'Elegance the XK120.
So, it is important to be more reliable than shiny.
But, I was ordered to Mr.Sakuma.

"Please polished shiny just like the DB6."


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