Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Mountain peony are in bloom in lonely.

Mountain Peony (scientific name: Paeonia Japonica).
The decrease forest road construction and deforestationsuch as gardening for collecting,
It is designated Red List associate endangered of the Ministry of the Environment.

Mountain flower peony is in bloom to feel lonely in the forest.
It opens the neat and clean white petals of 5-6 cm prefer shade.
I like the beauty feeble likely click to the touch.

Flowers fall fleetingly in 2-3 days.

BeforeI was the graffiti on the front door
Favorite phrase:
"Non, je ne suis jamais seul
Avec ma solitude "

Moustaki is singing "Ma Solitude"

My Loneliness
In so much as to have slept
With my loneliness
It has become my closest friend
My own kind of happiness
It is never far away
No shadow is so close
We never are apart
No matter where I go.
No, I never am alone
With my loneliness.
When in the shadow of my bed
It takes the entire space
The lonely nights that we have spent
Together, face to face
I cannot say just how far
It will go with me
Will I have to decide
To accept, or set it free?
No, I never am alone
With my loneliness.
And when my feeble life is o'er
Then and there it shall be free
But until then it will remain
A very special part of me
And should I prefer the love
Of another courtiere
Still we'll never be apart
But forever as we were.
No, I never am alone
With my loneliness.
No, I never am alone
With my loneliness.

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