Tuesday, 21 May 2013

I planted ”the tree of Pepe” in the forest of fairy tale.

It is a place that looks big in front of Mount Fuji, but it is hiding in the clouds today.

I wrote earlier "to both the sorrow and our tree" (link) reference.

"Forest of fairy taleadjacent to the tennis court surface 9 of the villa village.
Stillforest that was Hide and Seek in the days my children were small.
Forest Pepe was a puppy grew up running around.
SlideBlancoAnd mushroom hut ...

One daybig tree which repeated hundreds of years of growth rings were killed off.
Villa residents grieving or were many,
Story that solicit donations for tree planting was holding up.
Type of tree to be selectedcan you put a name tag on the tree.
Such as admission memorial grandchildren and what anniversary children andmarriage
Tree planting application is likely to be.
I also made ​​a donation to a very good plan.

I chose the tree blooms white flowers high in the sky in "Magnolia kobus".
I had written a "Pepe" in the name tag.
Decades later, the tree of fists raised in about 20 meters in height
It will bloom a cup of flower, such as a white bird flying against a blue sky.
At that time, Pepe and I would see it from the sky.

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