Saturday, 16 March 2013

Say that there is no way the smell of your wife about to escape.

"Commonwealth Mixture is a light, cool, sweet smoke with a creamy tone. 
This tin is smokey-sour, the room note drives your wife away
but the pipe is pure joy from the beginning 
to the last puff." 

The above text was written with the pipe tobacco 
It is part of the tobacco review in the USA.
"the room note drives your wife away ..." in this joke,
I feel remorse egoism all smokers have.

There is an entry for "Room Note" to the introduction pipe tobacco overseas,
It has been rated as such Pleasant / Tolerable / Strong. etc.
But, in Japan, testimonials and pipe tobacco store goods,
There is a statement storyteller geek speak to mimic the received opinion of experts.
Touched not impressions up to the smell of the room.
Might symbolize the immature Japanese individualism.

I love the smell of tobacco smoke is also fascinating,
People hate to tobacco smoke It's a smell unbearable.
It is well known issue if I think of my childhood.
Because I want to live in a room like the scent of a good cigar drifting.
I have chosen to consider the scent of the room also had been smoking cigars ever.
There were many fascinating brand strong aroma in the cheep cigar.
But, I have put up feeling like the smell of cheep perfume filled the room.
Nowalso in Cyprus Latakia leaf aroma that attracts me most,
Would not only smell of hell to those who hate. 
And then focus on the smell of the room "Room Note: Very Pleasant !"
I bought a large amount  W.O. Larsen 1864.

Say joke that there is no way to the room note drives your wife away.
I must be prepare as a gentleman.
I lived alone unrestrained, is also occasionally visitors.
My favorite tobacco "Commonwealth Mixture" and "Squadron Leaders".
When I walked in the woods with PepeI let smoke secretly.
Ha Ha Ha...

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