Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Dunhill trying to respond to the support of our last smoking generation.

I had felt it more attractive finish "Shell" is more "Briere"
But I fell in love the "Shell" and compare the two.

In 1917, Alfred Dunhill has produced sandblast finish.
"Shell" is a typical pipe symbolizes the Dunhill.
Surrounding the pipe ring stripes of uneven Breyer has emerged.
Massive beauty black paint was pressed by the beauty of nature,
Not want to stick out loudly, and the best clothing sober dare
I feel a touch of class leading to the British sense of dress down.
And I think that leads to cultural aesthetics of Japanese Wabi apology.

Call it "Shell" Dunhill sandblast finish this
Make a sound when a craftsman rather than carry the material 
which has been subjected to sandblasting at the factory,
 "sounds like the sound of shells" Alfred Dunhill said.
And it was named 
"Shell briar" by him.
Sensibility of dunhill shell listening noise and the sound of the material is issued,
He was a poet and a great artist.
Such as hardness and lightness required for pipe shells have linked
It is a great naming.

Great men, Mr. Masaru Ibuka of Sony and Honda Soichiro Honda, and more.
Founder of growing businesses to large companies worldwide
It 's an artist to focus on the joy of creating things than the pursuit of profit.

Initiallyit was the family business as well saddlery Alfred Dunhill.
Howeverhe founded the "Dunhill Motorities" 

turned to selling automobile accessoriesthat fit with the times.
Had been treated horn, lights, goggles, and meter,
Pipes windshield for the drive that was invented by Dunhill is to be a great hit,
Largest growth in the industrybecame the basis of Dunhill smoking device.

Sandblasting, the car enthusiasts are well known.
Use abrasive emery harder then a diamond,
Scrape off the soft part of the wood grain is injected 

at high pressure into the pipe surface,
It is a method that highlights the portion finishing hard wood.
Become lighter the better heat dissipation effect increases the surface area.

Shell pipe feels lighter than the same weight of pipe.
Moment that mouth, there is still something good pipe make a difference know.
It is the same as the difference between mini car Esse, 

the performance of the Porsche C4S.
Esse is me working reliably in the rain and snow and shopping.
Porsche who works to best effect in a long drive.
that said, each pipe has the advantages of each.

So I would also love other cheep pipe.

Either way, the pipe smoker would go disappear over time.
Dunhill name came to reign in 100 years the world's smokers.
Currently, Dunhill pipe & goods has been in existence 

and the name changed to "White Spot".
It tries to respond to the last generation of smokers to support us
Will such pride and obligation from the prestigious · · ·.

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